The .NET Foundation has announced support for Core WCF, an OSS project whose initial code donated from a WCF team member at Microsoft. Core WCP is a por of the Windows Communication Framework. According to its GitHub page, its goal is to move existing WCF projects to .NET Core.

“I think this is a great example of how the .NET Foundation can help coordinate .NET open source projects in a way that benefits the broader community,” the team wrote in a post.

The project will first be for HTTP and TCP SOAP services on-top of Kestrel, which are the most commonly used transports on .NET Framework. The team said the project is not yet ready for production and is reaching out for developer support.

Databricks and Booz Allen team up on unified analytics for government agencies
Unified analytics provider Databricks and machine learning services provider Booz Allen are teaming up to help federal agencies scale their data analytics and accelerate AI initiatives.

“Booz Allen and Databricks recognize Federal customers are at varying levels of adoption when it comes to cloud adoption. Together we are providing a solution that is ready now and future proof,” said Michael Hoff, senior vice president of business development and partners at Databricks.

In the new joint solution, Booz Allen can integrate Databricks’ product and Delta Lake with ODP and offer U.S. Government clients the unique ability to deploy it on-premises or onto hybrid infrastructure.

Javalin 3.0 released
The 3.0 version Javalin web framework for Kotlin and Java is now available. The latest release priorities simplicity and first class interoperability between the languages. It supports WebSockets, HTTP2 and async requests.

The release offers several new features such as revamped validation for parameters, WebSockets, standalone mode and event setup as well as added OpenAPI (Swagger) support. ‘Extension’ has been renamed to ‘Plugin’ the configuration has been moved from the ‘Javalin” class to JavalinConfig.’

A detailed list of Javalin 3.0 improvements can be viewed here.

Crank Software releases Storyboard 6.0
Crank Software, which provides embedded user interface (UI) software, released Storyboard 6.0 this month.

The new release focuses on resource management with a newly integrated Storyboard Lite engine that reduces resource footprint and an optimized OpenGL scene graph renderer. It also includes the ability to manage resources with the new Project Metrics view during development and a new option to visualize screen modalities at design time.

“We built Storyboard 6.0 to help embedded development teams rise to the challenge of creating experiences that exceed those expectations regardless of the target platform, by simplifying the workflow, providing actionable resource data at design time, and reducing the application footprint,” said Brian Edmond, president of Crank Software.

Innovation Lab now supports full Chatbot development
Exadel announced that its cloud-based mobile development platform now supports full Chatbot development.

“Chatbots are helping businesses everywhere connect with customers efficiently and the use cases for chatbots are endless. We are looking forward to helping Innovation Lab users determine the strategic fit for chatbots in their organizations,” said Dmitry Binunksy, VP Products and Platforms at Exadel.

The chatbot can be developed with no code written and its fully integrated with the rest of the platform.