The latest release of the D programming language focuses on enhanced Objective-C support, adding the ability to declare Objective-C protocols, as well as improvements throughout the compiler, libraries, and tools, according to the developers behind the language in a post.

The DLang team fixed the issue in which deprecation messages reported the source deep within the library and now developers will get a template instantiation trace as is common when finding errors. Also, the compiler will now raise an error whenever there are multiple declarations with more than one definition. 

The latest release includes the new D reference compiler (DMD) as well as the beta release of the LLVM-based D compiler. 

Sider releases recommended coding guide for C/C++ analysis tool
Sider’s “Recommended Rules” coding guide contains essential rules that are currently applicable to the C/C++ analysis tool (cpplint) for Sider. 

“By applying these new rules, Sider’s automated code review generates suggestions of greater relevance and importance, lending itself to greater productivity for software development efforts,” Sider wrote in a post.

The coding guide will soon be applicable to more languages including Java, Ruby, JavaScript, and TypesScript with more to follow, according to Sider. 

Apache weekly roundup 
Last week at Apache saw the release of SkyWalking NodeJS v0.1.0, which includes a built-in http/https plugin, Express and Axios plugins, as well as the ability to initialize project core codes. 

Apache also released updates for its Big Data software including ShardingSphere ElasticJob UI 3.0.0-RC1, Rya 4.0.1. Apache Guacamole 1.3.0 adds features support for automatically prompting users for their remote desktop credentials, user group support for both CAS and OpenID, and Apache Tomcat Native 1.2.26 include bug fixes and Windows binaries built using 1.1.1.

Two security issues were found in Apache Flink: CVE-2020-17518 and CVE-2020-17519 both result in a directory traversal attack and remote file writing through the REST API.