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SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Mojo

Mojo is a programming language designed to combine the performance of C and the usability of Python, for the purposes of AI related initiatives and tasks, which require a high-performance system.  Last week, the company behind Mojo, Modular, announced that it would be open-sourcing the core modules of the language using the Apache 2 license.  … continue reading

Microsoft releases second preview of Visual Studio 17.9

Microsoft announced Visual Studio 17.9 Preview 2, which includes improvements to the C++ and .NET MAUI development experiences.  Users can now highlight a piece of code and automatically surround that selection with bracket delimiters, such as “double quotes”, ‘single quotes’, and (parentheses), whereas previously they had to manually input both sides. To enable or disable … continue reading

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Vely

Vely is an application framework that is based on the C programming language, built for developing high performance apps without needing to be a C expert. It can help build a number of types of applications: web applications, command-line programs, cloud applications, middleware, distributed systems, database applications, and IoT. The project website even includes some … continue reading

JFrog introduces Conan 2.0 to improve C++ development

Liquid software company JFrog and the team at Conan, which was acquired by JFrog back in 2016, today announced the release of Conan 2.0, providing developers with the ability to model advanced C and C++ application dependency graphs and software binary packages. This release is intended to make it simpler for developers to securely reproduce … continue reading

Google takes on C++ technical debt with new successor language: Carbon

New promising programming languages are popping up constantly. Some do rather successfully – take Rust and Go as popular success stories. And yet, despite the excitement around new languages, it’s still the tried and true older languages that rank at the top of survey lists when it comes to what is most in use: Java, … continue reading

ScaleOut releases new update to its digital twin service

ScaleOut announced version 2 of its ScaleOut Digital Twin Streaming Service with a focus on building powerful digital twin applications.  The upgrade includes wider support for C# digital twin development, integrated timers, automatic initialization of digital twin applications from file-based data, and new capabilities for real-world applications. Developers can now create digital twin models in … continue reading

Microsoft improves Git branch switching, C++ experience in Visual Studio update

Microsoft has announced that it made several performance improvements in Visual Studio 2022 in the 17.3 release. Mainly these enhancements relate to Git branch switching and C++.  Some users may have previously experienced delays when switching branches, or had to wait for projects to reload after switching branches.  According to Microsoft, the process of switching … continue reading

Microsoft gives sneak peek at C# 11 features in latest Visual Studio update

In Microsoft’s Visual Studio 17.1, users will get a sneak peek at features coming to C# 11. These features will also be available in .NET SDK 6.0.200.  A feature available in early preview is parameter null checking, which verifies at runtime if a null has been passed to code. This is separate from Nullable Reference … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Contrast Security announces partnership with GitHub; MariaDB to go public; Swift and C++ interoperability workgroup

Contrast Security has announced that it is entering into a partnership with GitHub. With this comes the availability of Contrast Security’s suite of GitHub Actions that simplifies the process for developers to deliver code with no security vulnerabilities.  Contrast’s GitHub Actions include four features that work to embed security into existing value streams. These actions … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Apple resolves class-action suit from US developers regarding App Store, Qt Creator 5.0 released, Phoenix Framework 1.6.0 first release candidate

Apple announced new changes to the App Store that will resolve a class-action lawsuit from US developers. The agreement clarifies that developers can share purchase options with users outside of their iOS app; expands the price points developers can offer for subscriptions, in-app purchases, and paid apps; and establishes a new fund to assist qualifying … continue reading

More than 35 years later, why is C++ still so popular?

Despite C++’s downward trend on the TIOBE Programming Community index since 2001, the language’s fall from the coveted top two slots in 2020, vociferous and persistent claims that C++ is “dead like COBOL,” and the inroads the Rust is making in developer circles – C++ is still as viable, vital and relevant as ever.  There’s … continue reading

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: C# standardization

Microsoft has announced C# standardization is now open sourced. The work for C# standards will now happen in the open under the .NET Foundation while the ECMA C# standards committee, TC-49-TG2 is still responsible for creating the proposed standard for the C# language. “Moving the standards work into the open, under the .NET Foundation, makes … continue reading

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