Vely is an application framework that is based on the C programming language, built for developing high performance apps without needing to be a C expert.

It can help build a number of types of applications: web applications, command-line programs, cloud applications, middleware, distributed systems, database applications, and IoT. The project website even includes some sample applications created using Vely. 

Statements written using Vely are very intuitive so that it’s easy to get a clear understanding of what it is they do. The maintainers say that Vely code is closer to natural language than a typical programming language. This is useful in both writing code and also for whoever is maintaining it later on. 

These statements tend to be declarative, descriptive, and short. Once written, they are precompiled into C code and then you are given a native executable. Therefore, you wouldn’t need to be an expert in the language because Vely can write the necessary code for you. 

It supports a number of development tasks, including querying databases, file manipulation, outputting data, memory management, and more. 

The maintainers went on to explain that for the sake of energy use and reducing emissions, C is a powerful choice of language because it is fast and energy efficient. 

“Many other back-end languages and frameworks are running as a virtual machine, interpreter or some other form of abstraction, or indirect execution. These layers of abstraction by far don’t have the best performance, and are energy-inefficient, costing more electricity, water and computing equipment that relies on rare metals, ultimately affecting the environment in a negative way. And sluggish software never makes for good customer experience,” the project website states. 

The project is regularly updated, and at the time of this writing it seems to be updated at least every week or so. It can be found on GitHub here.