The new DataOps advisory service by DataKitchen aims to help customers achieve an enterprise DataOps transformation by leveraging industry-leading DataOps expertise and the company’s critical capabilities necessary to launch a successful and sustainable DataOps initiative.

Customers can now choose from a menu of services such as Strategic DataOps, Technical DataOps, Maturity Model Assessment, DataOps Dojo and more. 

“Many companies know that DataOps provides the foundation for analytic excellence, but struggle when it comes to designing and executing a DataOps plan. Our software is an important piece of the puzzle because it automates all the critical elements of a DataOps program – orchestration, testing, environment creation and management, and deployment,” said Chris Bergh, the founder and CEO of DataKitchen.

Netlify team overview simplifies collaboration
Netlify announced the release of Team Overview, a central dashboard in the Netlify UI that surfaces the most important information about teams and the projects they’re working on. 

Users can see the real-time status of a team’s site builds to the latest audit logs all in one place so that everyone has a common understanding of what’s happening across a team’s websites and apps. 

At a glance, users can see team usage, build status, audit logs, team members, sites, team logo and more. 

Rackspace announces new IoT solutions

Rackspace’s enhanced IoT capabilities will enable enterprises to develop competitive products, increase operational efficiency and create new revenue streams.

The new enhancements include IoT Accelerator, which is a 5-day assessment led by a team of IoT experts who value IoT use cases and provide recommendations for pilot solutions, production solutions to design and develop tailored solutions for IoT users and more.

“Our enhanced IoT services and capabilities enable enterprises to reduce the time and cost associated with piloting new initiatives, free up resources typically allocated to navigating complexities, and ultimately, speed up time to market,”  said Tolga Tarhan, the CTO of Rackspace Technology.

Linux 5.10-rc1 released
The release includes driver updates and changes. 

This includes Christoph’s setf_fs() removal which Linux creator Linus Torvalds found interesting because the whole model of set_fs() to specify whether a userspace copy actually goes to user space or kernel space goes back to pretty much the original release of Linux.

Additionally, x86, powerpc, s390 and RISC-V have had the address space overrides removed, and all the core work is done. Additional details on the new release are available here. 

Apache weekly update
Last week in Apache Software Foundation news includes the release of Apache XMLBeans 4.0 for accessing XML by binding it to Java types.

Other releases this week include Apache Jackrabbit 2.21.4, Kylin 3.1.1, Arrow 2.0, and more.

Apache Camel 3.6.0 was also released with speed optimizations, the functionality to avoid throwing exceptions, and Camel 3 has been changed from being a singleton to prototype scoped. 

Additional details on all of Apache’s releases are available here.