Django 3.0 was released with Python 3.6, 3.7 and 3.8 support and third-party library support for older version of Django. Djano is a Python-based web framework designed to help developers build apps faster with less code.

The latest release also includes support for MariaDB and ASGI and includes exclusion constraints on PostgreSQL, filter expressions, enumerations for model field choices as well as other new features.

The full details on the new release are available here.

Qt Marketplace now available for Qt extensions and apps
Qt introduced Qt Marketplace for the discovery and exchange of Qt extensions. 

“Until today, developers and designers seeking the Qt extensions that deliver these features and functionality had to scour a wide range of sources, which added unnecessary time and labor to their projects,” the company wrote in a post.

The company added that the marketplace removes this obstacle providing a centralized repository where developers and designers can find highly useful and innovative extensions for Qt, including plug-ins for Qt Creator, libraries with new APIs for the Qt framework and various helper tools.

Ockam raises seed money to help empower IoT developers
IoT tool provider Ockam announced that it secured $4.9 million in seed funding to enable IoT builders.

Ockam offers solutions that enable developers to build scalable connected systems and to adopt security best practices, to securely manage identities, cryptographic keys and credentials for entities and to enable secure connectivity. 

“These additional capital resources allow us to increase the pace at which we roll out new functionality to the Ockam system, and extend the depth to which we can help builders of IoT systems tackle their complex challenges,” the company wrote on its website.