dtSearch is now supporting PDF 2.0 through its document filters. Document filters parse, extract, convert and display data, allowing users to search terabytes of online and offline data, the company explained in a post.

The document filters are built into dtSearch enterprise and developer products and also for separate SDK licensing. The APIs cover .NET Standard/.NET Core/Xamarin, other .NET, C++ and Java.

API Fortress announces SAML 2.0-based SSO
API Fortress announced a SAML 2.0-based Single Sign-On (SSO) that is now available as a release candidate. The SSO gives administrators a simple way to switch and grant access to different teams using the platform, according to the company.

“If an organization is on a journey to agile or hybrid agile development, microservices or CI/CD, it means increased regression testing on iterative products. SSO makes it easier to extend a standardized testing strategy across distributed  teams on those journeys,” said Simone Pezzano, CTO at API Fortress.

API integrates with existing IT investments across version control systems, test case managers, API managers, CI/CD platforms, reporting and notification apps.

UiPath unveils cloud-based enterprise RPA platform
UiPath revealed a preview of its Enterprise Cloud Platform, a cloud-based robotic process automation (RPA) offering that will be newly available to enterprise customers. The offering has been previously available in a community edition.

“RPA offered on a SaaS basis reduces the upfront costs and effort of adopting the technology. It means more organizations can benefit from RPA, gaining access to the software and starting trials faster without needing additional IT infrastructure,” said Sarah Burnett, executive vice president and analyst at the consulting and research firm Everest Group.

The current preview includes two attended, one attended and two development robots and the company plans to release the platform in the final quarter of this year.