Eggplant’s new cloud solution is designed to enable businesses to quickly and easily deploy its Digital Automation Intelligence (DAI) Platform, automate the entire test life cycle, and understand the quality of the experiences that are delivered.

“Organizations can now quickly and easily quantify the impact of software updates, both pre and post release, to ensure continuous quality that delivers business outcomes,” Eggplant wrote in  a post.

New additions to Eggplant’s DAI cloud platform include cloud-based end-to-end automation, as well as fully automated self-healing test assets.

Netlify edge handlers aims to make web content fast and easier to develop
With the early access for Netlify Edge Handlers, users can supercharge web apps with custom JavaScript logic that runs on the Netlify Edge network and uses the same powerful Netlify features and workflow for development teams, according to the company. 

“Programmability at the network edge is one more building block from Netlify that lowers the barrier for what any developer can do on the Jamstack, making it an even more viable architecture for the most dynamic web experiences,” Netlify wrote in a post.

Developers can use Netlify’s entire platform to operate edge logic from preview to production, including build automation through git, atomic deploys to Netlify’s multi-cloud edge network, site previews and instant rollbacks.

Micro Focus Digital Safe 10 Archive and Supervisor 
Digital Safe 10 Archive and Supervisor delivers productivity in a scalable services-oriented architecture to help organizations govern information in line with regulatory, industry, and jurisdictional requirements. 

“Coupled with break-through technology and services that enable existing customers to tap into new capabilities without service disruption or data migration, Digital Safe 10 Archive and Supervisor offers the confidence of security, scale and performance that helps organizations manage legal and compliance-related risk,” said Scott Richards, the general manager of IMG at Micro Focus. 

The release of Micro Focus Digital Safe 10 includes innovative enhancements such as precise search with smart filtering and fast result presentation, supervisor workflow with enhanced visual dashboards, analytical reporting and insights, and flexible sampling controls. 

Additional details on the new release are available here.

Sonatype introduces next-gen dependency management for software developers
The next-gen dependency management for software developers through the Advanced Development Pack helps teams improve code quality, minimizes breaking changes, and integrates next-gen security. 

The solution helps developers understand the cost of migrating to a newer or safer version of a component, the performance of OSS projects they are choosing when it comes to release frequency, and the frequency in which dependencies have become vulnerable and are remediated.

“With more than 67% of developers regularly impacted when dependency upgrades break the functionality of their application, Sonatype’s Advanced Development Pack removes the guesswork, and tells developers exactly which dependencies provide the least costly upgrade path in terms of effort,” Sonatype wrote in a post.

Google ARCore 1.20 improves shared AR experiences with Cloud Anchors
Persistent Cloud Anchors lets people return to shared AR experiences again and again and the feature is now available to Android, iOS, and Unity mobile developers. 

Google said it is also working on earth Cloud Anchors, a new feature that uses AR and global localization—the underlying technology that powers Live View features on Google Maps—to easily guide users to AR content. 

The full list of new AR experiences that utilize ARCore 1.20 is available here.