Private repositories with unlimited collaborators are now available to all GitHub accounts and all of the core GitHub features are available to everyone. 

“This means teams can now manage their work together in one place: CI/CD, project management, code review, packages, and more. We want everyone to be able to ship great software on the platform developers love,” GitHub wrote in a blog post.

Teams that need advanced features like code owners and enterprise features such as SAML or personalized support can upgrade to one of the paid plans. 

Pinpoint engineering dashboard released
The new engineering operations dashboard for teams aims to increase productivity and collaboration 

The tool unifies all engineering activity in a single, contextual view, solving collaboration issues caused by data silos and disparate tools. Pinpoint’s data science analyzes all activity to understand how a team’s work is getting done across sprints and projects to help engineers identify what needs attention, resolve bottlenecks, manage risk, and plan more efficiently.

“It’s one thing to manage 100 engineers in the same building and it’s another thing entirely to manage 100 engineers in 100 different places. Think of the remote work options for most jobs – Google Drive, Slack, Zoom, etc. – they don’t suffice for software development. Engineers need specialty tools for themselves, and as it stands, the industry is about 10 years behind,” said Jeff Haynie, the CEO of Pinpoint. 

Functionize announces intelligent automation utility
The new Architect utility is designed to simplify test creation and improves its machine-learning based functionality that supports complex testing scenarios for enterprise software. 

“For some time now, there has been a forced trade-off between ease of use and depth of functionality in the test automation space. Teams often have to choose between complicated scripting frameworks (that quickly become copy-and-paste nightmares) or basic recorders that aren’t powerful enough to get the job done,” said Functionize’s vice president of product management Elise Carmichael. “Architect is built with all users in mind.”

Among the advanced features that Functionize provides is two-factor authentication with email or text messaging and the verification of proper network resource loading, as well as custom JavaScript validations and more.

Additional details are available here.

PyCharm 2020.1 
New features in PyCharm include interactive rebasing, smarter debugging, JetBrains Mono which helps users read code by navigating the project effectively, and Django Template Imports. 

PyCharm’s debugger now makes it easy to see what’s happening in the middle of a complex statement. When stepping in, the debugger will ask you exactly what part of the statement you want to investigate further.

Additional details are available here.