HackerRank announced a new remote hiring solution and the formation of the independent Skills Advisory Council to standardize hiring.

The company made updates to CodePair to facilitate a significant piece of the hiring process that has shifted from on-site interviews to remote.  

“While hiring in many categories has slowed or stopped, the market for tech hiring is expected to bounce back rapidly. We are future proofing our solution not for the new normal but for the forever different,” said Vivek Ravisankar, the co-Founder and CEO of HackerRank. “With these new product enhancements, we’re ensuring our customers can meet their business objectives and accelerate their innovation while maintaining a world-class experience for their candidates and for their hiring managers.”

The solution features virtual whiteboarding and interviewer guidelines as well as scorecards and candidate packet.

Additional details are available here.

Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.4 now available
Embarcadero announced RAD Studio 10.4 to accelerate native Windows development and to add code insights for Delphi developers. 

Version 10.4 delivers improvements for Windows 10 VCL (Visual Component Library) desktop development, Delphi multi device development, and developer productivity that optimizes application performance while reducing the time developers spend building and maintaining code.

One key feature includes the introduction of the Language Server Protocol (LSP) to standardize inter-process communications between the RAD Studio Code Editor and the Delphi language server. 

Qt 5.15 LTS documentation and Qt for Android
Qt revamped the documentation for its upcoming release of Qt 5.15, including new content on how to use Qt for Android. 

Other topics that have been improved include extending Qt applications to use custom Java classes or assets and the packaging structure, dependency version management between the Android Native Development Kit (NDK) and Qt, how to work with Android services, and how to build and use OpenSSL with Android. 

Additionally, the latest release of Qt Creator brought substantial improvements for Android development. Additional details are available here.

GitHub makes credits more visible in Security Advisories
GitHub is making credits more visible so that anyone visiting an advisory can see who contributed. Saying thanks to those contributors is now a core part of the Security Advisory workflow. 

“Giving credit is simple—when editing a Security Advisory, use the Credits area at the bottom to search for the GitHub user you wish to credit, and press Enter,” GitHub wrote in a blog post.

IBM Data Asset eXchange
The latest updates to the Data Asset eXchange adds a host of new data-related assets and user experience enhancements. For existing data sets, seven new Watson Studio notebooks as well as three Watson studio projects and a new batch of exploratory notebooks that accompany the DAX data sets were added. 

IBM Data Asset eXchange (DAX) is an online hub for developers and data scientists to find free and open data sets under open data licenses.

The company said it is working on improving the way DAX displays data set previews and began adding data glossaries and detailed metadata sections to provide users with extra context behind a data set’s features and use cases.

Additional details are available here.