The JRebel 2021.3.0 release adds support for Vaadin 20.0, SpringBoot 2.5, and Glassfish 6.1. 

Vaadin 20.0 has support for Gradle as well as Spring Security helpers and the latest SpringBoot versions allow JRebel users to be able to freely update their applications to the latest technologies available.

Also, the XRebel 2021.3.0 release adds support for Java 16 and MongoDB 4. The applications running on Java 16 will be able to see a full breakdown of all the time spent making each request and each DB query called by your application.

Support for MongoDB 4 requests means that users will be able to see the number of calls being made, how long each one of them took and how they are impacting the performance of an application. 

HPE acquires Ampool 

The addition of Ampool to HPE Ezmeral will play a role in accelerating the HPE Ezmeral analytics runtime for interactive SQL workloads to improve the quality, repeatability, throughput, and time to value for customers’ AI/ML, analytics and data-intensive workloads.

Ampool offers a scalable, data federation layer combined with a multi-tiered acceleration engine to boost analytical query processing speeds at scale.

“Organizations require a set of loosely coupled cloud-native query engines that can support multiple analytics and business intelligence tools against a variety of backend data sources. These sources include file systems, object stores, and data warehouses,” said Anant Chintamaneni, vice president and general manager at HPE Ezmeral at HPE. “This need has been the guiding principle for HPE Ezmeral analytics runtime (see diagram below). HPE delivers rich offerings for cloud-native Apache Spark to support batch analytics for data engineering.”

Ruby 3.0.2 released

The Ruby 3.0.2 release includes many security fixes. 

The security vulnerabilities that it addresses included one in which a malicious FTP server can use the PASV response to trick Net::FTP into connecting back to a given IP address and port.

In another, Net::IMAP did not raise an exception when StartTLS fails with an unknown response. This could potentially allow man-in-the-middle attackers to bypass the TLS protections.

The last vulnerability was one in which RDoc could be exploited to run arbitrary command execution. 

CodeBoxx raises $2 million in seed funding to close developer skills gap

CodeBoxx announced that it secured $2 million in seed funding to help retail and other companies to address the shortage of skilled tech talent, bringing the company’s total value to $22 million.

The company was founded with the mission to create a 16-week full-time training program that focuses on the development of the technical and soft skills required of developers today.

The company will launch its first in-person US cohorts at its Tampa Bay–St. Petersburg location and at its Philadelphia campus this year. The company plans to expand into the NY/NJ/CT tri-state area in 2022.