LeanIX is adding a new Business Transformation Management (BTM) module to its enterprise architecture suite. The module is designed to help business and IT teams collaborate and visualize the future-state of IT landscapes. According to the company, it’s like GitHub for architecture management. 

“The LeanIX Business Transformation Management module provides enterprise architects and CIOs a much more efficient and scalable method to collaboratively develop plans and scenarios for their IT roadmap,” said André Christ, CEO and co-founder of LeanIX. “It’s like using the Apple Time Machine in which that application displays data retrospectively at any time. The Business Transformation Management module of LeanIX does the same – but in the future.”

Project Iodide is no longer under development
Mozilla’s open-source project for data science will no longer be worked on or maintained. The company first announced Project Iodide last March as an experimental tool for helping scientists write interactive documents with web technologies. 

“New PRs and issues are unlikely to be reviewed, and bugs are likely to go unfixed. We hope that future projects may be able to learn something from our experiments, so as of September 2020 we have no plans to take down the demo server at https://alpha.iodide.io/. Nonetheless, iodide.io should not be used for important work, as it may be shut down in the future,” according to the project’s GitHub page

Cloudflare Web Analytics to give free information about websites
Cloudflare Web Analytics is a privacy-first, free alternative for website owners. It provides analytics on how the website is performing, and enables site owners to control their own site data so they don’t sacrifice visitors’ privacy. 

“Website owners deserve access to analytics that are transparent and accurate, and that don’t force them to pay with their users’ privacy,” said Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO of Cloudflare. “With Cloudflare Web Analytics, website owners can help protect their visitors’ privacy, and focus on what really matters–clean, simple metrics to understand how their site is performing. We believe this is an important step in helping to build a better, and more private Internet for everyone, not just Cloudflare customers.”

Altova brings SaaS apps to the cloud
Altova Cloud is a new SaaS-based subscription model for legal, financial and regulatory apps. Users can use apps instantly without having to install, configure or maintain them. Additionally, the company is providing subscription options and a free 30-day trial with no strings attached.