Lighstep announced a new GitHub action called Lightstep Pre-Deploy Check, which is designed to bring observability data directly to GitHub to avoid problematic code deploys.

The solution leverages publicly-available APIs from Lighstep to provide a deployment risk summary ahead of a code change going into a production environment.

“Automatically confirming production systems and services are healthy before deploying code that can impact them is a great step towards ensuring reliability, without compromising developer velocity,” said Chris Patterson, product manager for GitHub Actions at GitHub. “By bringing Observability data directly into the pull request process on GitHub, developers can avoid context switching, gain more ownership of how their code performs in production, and better support DevOps within their organization.”

Gitpod adds native integration with GitLab
Gitpod raised $3 million and announced its native integration solution now allows developers on GitLab to automatically spin up ready-to-code deployment environments via Gitpod’s open-source platform. 

“With Gitpod’s integration into GitLab, code reviews, bug fixes, building new features and exploring new projects is frictionless while increasing development productivity, efficiency and velocity,” Gitpod wrote in a post. “Developers can easily launch fresh dev environments for each new task directly from the GitLab interface via a new dropdown option from any project or merge request.”

More information is available here.

Xamarin.Essentials 1.6 preview adds support for macOS
Xamarin.Essentials 1.6 adds new APIs including ‘MediaPicker,’ ‘AppActions,’ ‘Contacts,’ and more and features official support for macOS. 

Xamarin.Essentials now offers over 50 native integrations with support for 7 different operating systems from a single library that is optimized for performance, linker safe, and production ready.

“After adding tvOS, watchOS, and Tizen support the next natural step was first class support for macOS to complement the UWP desktop support,” James Montemagno, principal lead program manager at Microsoft wrote in a post.

Snyk partners with PerimeterX on open-source JavaScript risk

Snyk integration will enable PerimeterX Code Defender users to find and fix open-source JavaScript vulnerabilities in web applications, shortening the mean time to mitigation and reducing the risk of client-side data breaches. 

“The PerimeterX Code Defender runtime behavioral analysis and mitigation across first-, third- and Nth-party scripts combined with comprehensive and actionable JavaScript vulnerability data from Snyk provides users a quick path to remediation,” said Ido Safruti, the co-founder and chief technology officer at PerimeterX.

Snyk Intel combines automated machine learning with expert analysis maintained by a dedicated Snyk research team. 

Confluent announces new capabilities for its cloud platform
Confluent Cloud reduces the risk of Kafka breaches and downtime by enabling pervasive event streaming that is easier and more secure. 

This supports the latest Project Metamorphosis theme – Secure, that ensures the next generation of event streaming applications can be put at the heart of every business while avoiding costly downtime and risk.

New capabilities also include role-based access control (RBAC), audit logs, customer control of encryption keys, and additional private networking connectivity options to Confluent Cloud to make it even easier to secure sensitive events and harness the full power of cloud-native Kafka.