Linux 5.7 is now available. The updated version includes many changes such as ‘mmc: sdhci: Fix SDHCI_QUIRK_BROKEN_CQE,’ ‘copy_xstate_to_kernel(): don’t leave parts of destination uninitialized’ and the fixed Fix max PFN arithmetic overflow on 32 bit systems,’ among many others. 

The shortlog available here includes the changes that came in this last week since rc7. 

Aqua Security announces funding for cloud-native platform
Acqua Security raised $30 million in series D funding that it plans to use to fuel the expansion of its cloud native security platform. 

“We are seeing customers continuing their move towards cloud-native technologies, often accelerating deployments as a way to enhance their agility in these unpredictable times,” noted Dror Davidoff, CEO and co-founder of Aqua. “Security remains a key enabler of these initiatives, and with this significant new investment from Greenspring Associates, I feel confident in our ability to drive further innovation across our product portfolio and sustain the competitive advantage we have worked hard to establish.”

Additional details are available here.

Progress MOVEit 2020 release
Progress MOVEit 2020 improves secure file transfer capabilities for remote workforces and provides native support for hybrid cloud architectures. 

“Demand for secure file transfer in hybrid environments has increased over the past few months as large files are being exchanged with remote team members and partners in virtual work environments,” said Stewart Bond, research director, Data Integration and Intelligence software research at IDC. “MOVEit 2020 is putting these abilities into the hands of non-technical users, while ensuring the security and integrity of sensitive data.”

The app provides upload, download, and file management support for mobile MFT access with increased security capabilities, native support for Azure Blob storage, ad hoc classification, and a redesigned MOVEit Gateway.

Blueprint and UiPath’s RPA partnership
Blueprint Software Systems partnered with UiPath to accelerate automation delivery and to drive RPA at enterprise scale. 

This will enable  joint customers to develop more complex, end-to-end business process automations, accelerate the speed of automation delivery, reduce bot maintenance costs, and govern their digital workforces according to rigorous enterprise and regulatory constraints, according to the companies. 

“As UiPath’s most recent Advanced Technology Partner, Blueprint delivers capabilities that reinforce the essential collaborative relationship between business and IT stakeholders that is required for any successful automation initiative,” the companies wrote in a post.

BMC completed its acquisition of Compuware
With the acquisition, customers will be able to use an integrated DevOps toolchain with mainframe operations management and agile application development and delivery. 

“Adding Compuware’s Topaz software development environment to the BMC portfolio is another step in the direction of targeting the enterprise developer. With Topaz, developers take a modern approach to building, testing, and deploying mainframe applications. This move should allow BMC to spread the word that modern tools matter for the mainframe engineer,” wrote Christopher Condo, Chris Gardner, and Diego Lo Giudice at Forrester Research.

Customers will also benefit from the self-analyzing, self-healing, and self-optimizing power of the BMC AMI suite of products to increase mainframe availability, efficiency, and security while mitigating risk, along with the Compuware Topaz suite, according to BMC in a post.

Apache weekly update
This week, Apache released Apache PLC4X 0.7.0, a universal protocol adapter for industrial IoT, as well as many advancements in the Big Data space: Apache Arrow 0.17.1,  Apache Calcite 1.23.0, Apache Ignite 2.8.1, and Apache Beam 2.21.0.

Apache Jackrabbit Oak was also updated to version 1.8.22 and the foundation announced The Apache Subversion 1.14.0-LTS, a community-led version control software and source code management tool. 

The full list of Apache’s updated projects is available here.