MemSQL will now be known as SingleStore. The database provider for operational analytics and cloud-native applications believes the new name will better help describe its value proposition. 

“We couldn’t be happier to call ourselves SingleStore, a name that aptly defines us and our ability to change how our customers use data. Companies around the world can use SingleStore to gain faster insights, eliminate complexity, and substantially lower the costs related to their data strategies,” said Raj Verma, SingleStore CEO.  

SingleStore will provide a data platform for transactions and analytics capable of handling structured, unstructured and semi-structured data. 

More information is available here.  

.NET for Apache Spark 1.0 now available
.NET for Apache Spark is an open-source package designed to bring .NET development to Apache Spark. The 1.0 version includes support for .NET apps targeting .NET Standard 2.0 or later; access to Apache Spark DataFrame APIs; and ability to write SparkSWL and user-defined functions. 

Going forward, the team will continue to integrate the latest features and keep the API up to date with latest Spark versions. 

More information is available here

Intel acquires SigOpt for AI capabilities
SigOpt is an artificial intelligence software platform provider that handles models at scale. Intel hopes the acquisition will help strengthen its AI productivity and performance initiatives across hardware and software. 

“In the new intelligence era, AI is driving the compute needs of the future. It is even more important for software to automatically extract the best compute performance while scaling AI models. SigOpt’s AI software platform and data science talent will augment Intel software, architecture, product offerings and teams, and provide us with valuable customer insights. We welcome the SigOpt team and its customers to the Intel family,” said Raja Koduri, vice president, chief architect and general manager of architecture, graphics and software at Intel.

Open Software Security Foundation announces new training courses
The new courses are intended for software developers looking to learn how to develop secure software while reducing damage and increasing speed of response. It will include a professional certificate program, Secure Software Development Fundamentals. 

“The OpenSSF has already demonstrated incredible momentum which underscores the increasing priorities placed on open source security,” said Mike Dolan, senior vice president and general manager of projects at The Linux Foundation. “We’re excited to offer the Secure Software Development Fundamentals professional certificate program to support an informed talent pool about open source security best practices.”