The second preview of .NET 6 is now available with new APIs, runtime improvements, and early .NET MAUI builds. According to the team, with this announcement they are now back on schedule to monthly previews until .NET 6 is officially released in November. 

Once released, .NET 6 will be supported for three years as a long term support release. 

Other updates include builds for Apple Silicon, .NET 6 themes, epics and user stories such as improved .NET inner loop performance, a better client app development experience, and single project developer experiences for Android, iOS, and Mac Catalyst. 

The full release notes are available here

Accusoft announces JavaScript PDF Library
The free Accusoft PDF Viewer is a lightweight JavaScript PDF viewer with a responsive UI and out-of-box mobile support. The responsive UI allows developers to zoom, pan, jump to page, navigate thumbnails and pinch-to-zoom on mobile devices.

In addition, it runs entirely in the browser and can integrate into applications with little code. 

“Accusoft PDF Viewer is great for developers because it allows them to maintain complete control over documents without having to set up any cumbersome server infrastructure,” said Mark Hansen, a product manager for Accusoft. “Having a responsive UI that adapts to mobile displays will also increase their flexibility tremendously.”

Menlo Security introduces its cloud-based Secure Web Gateway
The new web gateway provides web isolation for mobile devices. According to the company, this is designed to prevent the threat of malware and phishing attacks as well as browser vulnerabilities and malicious document downloads. In addition, the new mobile isolution includes data loss prevention, read-only phishing protection and download controls.

“Mobile devices and browsers are an enticing target for cyber attackers looking to exploit zero days and conduct socially-engineered phishing attacks, yet in many organizations, mobile security is treated like a second-class citizen,” said Nick Edwards, Menlo Security’s vice president of product management. “At Menlo Security, we’re committed to securing work where it happens, and our mobile isolation capability extends the same protection for the PC to smartphones and tablets, securing today’s modern workforce.”

Google makes updates to Smart Home Actions
The updates include new policy changes and certification requirements. The new Actions policy is designed to enable developers to speed up Actions development and streamline the certification and launch process. 

“Ensuring each device type meets quality benchmark metrics provides end users with reliable and timely responses from their smart devices.With these policy updates, minimum latency and reliability metrics have been added to each device type guide,” Toni Klopfenstein, developer advocate for Android, wrote in a blog post

The team also updated its guides with required and recommended traits for devices, added new requirements for secondary user verification, and a new warning message template.