Nutanix Mine is now generally available, allowing users to experience data management capabilities on Nutanix’s enterprise cloud platform. 

“Backed up data, kept in isolated and aging infrastructure is hard to access, difficult to manage, often stored on antiquated devices, and almost impossible to reuse,” Nutanix Mine wrote in a post. “This keen focus on data and application availability is a business imperative and requires organizations to develop a solid data protection strategy.”

Nutanix Mine is a full-stack solution enabling users to quickly go from project planning to a complete data management solution, without the cost and overhead of standalone systems, the company explained.

New AI company comes out of stealth with $15 million funding 
Pecan, an AI-powered predictive analytics platform provider, announced that it received $15 million in funding towards building technology that will enable businesses to build and deploy predictive analytics models. The company plans to double in size in the coming year. 

“Pecan’s platform is purpose-built to speed and simplify the process of building and deploying predictive models – especially when there are no pre-existing data science capabilities,” the company wrote in a post. launches AI-powered enterprise platform launched an AI-powered enterprise platform that combines deep learning, optimization, and simulation algorithms to generate insights, develop predictions and to provide smart answers to business users within a company. 

The solution offers three analytics capabilities aimed to accelerate and democratize better decisions across a company, including Digital Twin, digital representation of the end-to-end supply chain; Algorithm Library, which are purpose-built supply chain algorithms; and App Studio to develop personalized applications to allow business users to leverage advanced algorithms. 

“By leveraging the digital twin, enterprises gain a clear understanding of impacts across multiple business functions and can leverage internal and external data in new ways to improve decision making. This not only helps businesses maximize on their investment in traditional systems, but it brings the revolutionary impact of AI directly to the decision makers who need it most,” said Razat Gaurav, the CEO of LLamasoft.

Qt makes changes to its offering
Now, installation of Qt binaries will require a Qt Account, long-term supported releases and the offline installer will become available to commercial licenses only, and the new Qt offering for start-ups and small businesses will go for $499 per year. 

“We changed this because we think that a Qt account lets you make the best use of our services and contribute to Qt as an open-source user,” Qt wrote in a post. “We want open-source users to help improve Qt in one form or another, be that through bug reports, forums, code reviews, or similar.”

Also, starting with Qt 5.15, LTS will only be available to commercial users.