NVIDIA announced that it is acquiring DeepMap, a startup that builds HD maps for autonomous vehicles to navigate. 

DeepMap’s technology will bolster the mapping and localization capabilities of NVIDIA DRIVE after the acquisition is expected to close in third calendar quarter of 2021. 

“The acquisition is an endorsement of DeepMap’s unique vision, technology and people,” said Ali Kani, vice president and general manager of Automotive at NVIDIA. “DeepMap is expected to extend our mapping products, help us scale worldwide map operations and expand our full self-driving expertise.” 

Visual Studio Code 1.57

The latest release includes updates such as Workspace Trust, a new getting started experience, remote repositories and much more. 

Workspace Trust lets users decide whether their project folders should allow or restrict automatic code execution and enables safe code browsing. 

Also, the new Edge browser debugging feature integrates the Microsoft Edge Developer tools directly into VS Code. 

Additional details are available here.

The FIDO Developer Challenge 

The new FIDO Developer Challenge invites teams to use the public FIDO2 WebAuthn API to showcase unique FIDO authentication ideas. 

The FIDO Alliance stated that the projects should apply FIDO authentication protocols to address technical or social challenges within Fintech, eCommerce, IoT, retail, blockchain, gaming and education.

The deadline for entry is on July 2nd. Additional details on the challenge can be found here.

Powered by Snowflake program

The new Powered by Snowflake program is specifically designed to accelerate the ability of companies and application developers to deliver differentiates applications through all stages of the application in Snowflake’s Data Cloud. 

The program will allow users to build better applications with faster engineering velocity by leveraging Snowflake design resources and will also drive awareness and adoption by co-marketing with Snowflake.

Those who participate in the program will also be able to optimize performance by working with support engineers who specialize in app development. 

TMS WEB Core for Visual Studio Code version 1.3

The new version of TMS WEB Core includes package support to easily create custom components, Workspaces that allow users to manage multiple projects in one folder, and support for the use of the entire FNC component suite. 

Using TMS WEB Core, modern client-side web applications can be created exclusively with the Object Pascal programming language without the need for HTML, CSS or JavaScript. 

All new components and improvements are now available to Visual Studio Code users.