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NVIDIA GTC kicks off with announcement of new Blackwell GPUs for AI uses

NVIDIA GTC, the company’s annual AI conference, just kicked off with CEO Jensen Huang taking the stage to reveal new updates from the company.  One of the main announcements that Huang made was the Blackwell platform, which is a GPU architecture for running generative AI. According to the company, it can run “real-time generative AI … continue reading

ServiceNow, Hugging Face, and NVIDIA release new open LLMs for developers

ServiceNow, Hugging Face, and NVIDIA have teamed up to release a new family of open LLMs called StarCoder2 that is designed for developers.  StarCoder2 was trained on 619 programming and is intended to provide developers with features like code generation, workflow generation, and text summarization, to name a few. The companies envision the StarCoder2 models … continue reading

NVIDIA’s NeMo Guardrails adds security features to AI chatbots and generative AI

NVIDIA’s new open-source toolkit enables developers to add topical, safety, and security features to AI chatbots and other generative AI applications built with large language models. The software includes all the code, examples, and documentation businesses need to add safety to AI apps that generate text. NVIDIA said it’s releasing the project since many industries … continue reading

NVIDIA goes all in on AI, shares progress at GTC

NVIDIA is doubling down on AI, and generative AI in particular, with CEO Jensen Huang placing a big emphasis on the advancements in the company during his keynote address during GTC this week.  “The warp drive engine is accelerated computing, and the energy source is AI,” Huang said. “The impressive capabilities of generative AI have … continue reading

NVIDIA gives updates on new GPU technologies at GTC conference

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang took the stage for a keynote at the company’s GTC conference and gave some exciting updates regarding new technologies from the company. He announced the GeForce RTX 40 Series GPUs, which are powered by the company’s new Ada Lovelace architecture. Advancements in Ada include a new Streaming Multiprocessor, an RT core … continue reading

NVIDIA announces major release of Omniverse

NVIDIA, the company known for designing and manufacturing GPUs, today announced a new range of developer frameworks, tools, apps, and plugins for its platform for building and connecting Metaverse worlds based on Universal Scene Description (USD), NVIDIA Omniverse.  According to the company, with this expansion, users gain access to new AI-powered tools and features that … continue reading

NVIDIA announces general availability of NVIDIA AI Enterprise 2.1

NVIDIA, an AI-focused company, today announced the general availability of NVIDIA AI Enterprise 2.1, the newest version of the company’s software suite of supported containers, toolkits, and frameworks for AI and data science on VMware vSphere and Red Hat OpenShift.  According to the company, this release is intended to offer advanced data science with the … continue reading

Anticipating the 6G revolution

March was NVIDIA’s GTC (GPU Technology Conference), and it remains my favorite show of the year. This is because NVIDIA does far more than most in imagining what the future world will look like after deploying their latest technology. In a world of events that focus on speeds and feeds, NVIDIA focuses on why I … continue reading

Anticipating disruptions from China and NVIDIA

The personal technology market is overdue for change; two vectors to watch are NVIDIA’s ARM acquisition and the forced cutoff of technology-sharing with China.  Both moves are inherently disruptive in and of themselves tactically, but strategically the implications are far more significant.   Let’s look at each in turn. NVIDIA ARM ARM has primarily lived on … continue reading

SD Times news digest: NVIDIA to acquire DeepMap for autonomous vehicles, Visual Studio Code 1.57, and the FIDO Developer Challenge

NVIDIA announced that it is acquiring DeepMap, a startup that builds HD maps for autonomous vehicles to navigate.  DeepMap’s technology will bolster the mapping and localization capabilities of NVIDIA DRIVE after the acquisition is expected to close in third calendar quarter of 2021.  “The acquisition is an endorsement of DeepMap’s unique vision, technology and people,” … continue reading

NVIDIA unleashes Jarvis conversational AI framework

NVIDIA announced its application framework for building conversational AI services is now available. The new NVIDIA Jarvis framework comes with pre-trained deep learning models and software tools to help developers create conversational AI services that can be easily deployed from the cloud or at the edge. According to the company, it offers automatic speech recognition … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Kong Mesh 1.2, NVIDIA AI Enterprise released, and Gatsby 3.0 released

Kong Mesh 1.2 is being released with three new security capabilities. Kong Mesh is natively integrated with Open Policy Agent (OPA) and has now graduated as a CNCF project.  The latest release includes enhanced security for multi-zone service mesh, native FIPS 140-2 support and day-0 security compliance. Kong Mesh is built on the open source … continue reading

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