Postman announced an API data visualization feature that allows users to easily turn API Data into charts and graphs. 

“If you use APIs like me as part of your daily job, you will soon fall in love with the fact that you can now make sense of API data without leaving Postman,” wrote Kaustav Das Modak, developer advocate at Postman. 

Developers can bring existing HTML visualization toolkits into Postman and visualization scripts are saved in requests that can be added to collections.

Parasoft announces support for 2019 CWE guidelines
Parasoft announced support for the 2019 Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE) Guidelines for C, C++, Java and .NET languages. 

The CWE is a comprehensive list of over 800 programming errors, design errors, and architectural errors that can lead to exploitable vulnerabilities, the company explained.

“Using a SAST tool that covers the entirety of these two lists will help ensure that your software is as secure as possible. Parasoft’s complete CWE support and powerful reporting and analytics system helps our customers not only catch security vulnerabilities before they release, but address core root-cause security problems to harden the code,” said Arthur Hicken, security expert at Parasoft. announces professional Scrum product owner course announced a new Professional Scrum Product Owner-Advanced (PSPO-A) training course.

The course places focus on how a product owner can deepen their understanding of their role by exploring the many stances they can take to navigate everyday challenges. 

“The Product Owner is a difficult role as they try to balance the needs of the business with the reality of product delivery. They need to find the best ways to deliver value to the organization and stakeholders,” said Dave West, CEO and product owner for “Students will leave this class with an excellent set of techniques to improve how they deliver and express value inside and outside of the organization.”

Google to unify deferrable background tasks on Android
Google announced a WorkManager tool that unifies background task scheduling on Android. 

The WorkManager API incorporates the features of Firebase Job Dispatcher (FJD) and GcmNetworkManager solutions, providing a consistent job scheduling service back to API level 14 while being conscious of battery life. 

It also includes the ability to schedule one-off or periodic tasks, monitor and manage tasks, chain tasks together and persist scheduled work across app updates and device restarts.

The full details are available here.