Progress has announced the latest release of its business rules management solution with REST API data access and a new .NET server architecture. Corticon 6.0 features faster support for REST data connectivity and the ability to execute decisions three times faster with more reliability, the company explained. 

“Organizations are driving harder than ever for increased effectiveness and agility in business operations. The ease with which you can capture, change and optimize the rules that run your business either promotes or inhibits the agility of your organization. It also impacts the consistency, quality and speed of your decisions – which goes straight to your bottom line,” said John Ainsworth, SVP of core products for Progress.

According to Progress, the Progress DataDirect Autonomous REST Connector enables codeless connections between apps and REST API data sources. Additionally, the solution’s new .NET server architecture enables the ability to use both in-process and Microsoft IIS deployment. 

Android Q one step closer to official release
Google has announced Android Q beta 5 is launching this week. According to Google’s VP of engineering Dave Burke, the system behaviors in this release should be very close to the ones developers will see in the final release. Developer APIs have already been finalized. 

Features of the release include the latest Android Q system images for Pixel and Android jEmulator, API level 29, the API 29 SDK and updated Android Studio tools. Burke recommends developers start testing their apps for compatibility. 

The latest results of MLPerf Training v0.6 now available
The MLPerf training effort is releasing the second round of results from its machine learning training performance benchmark. The benchmarks are used to measure AI applications’ system performance and power efficiency. According to the effort, it can measure “the time it takes to train one of six machine learning models to a standard quality target in tasks including image classification, object detection, translation, and playing Go.”

This release improve upon v0.5 with improved quality targets for image classification, ability to use the LARS optimizer, and improves the MiniGo benchmark. 

According to the results, AI tools from Google and NVIDIA are quickly improving. The full results are available here

Xamarin.Forms 4.1 stable
Xamarin.Forms 4.1 is now available on NuGet. Xamarin.Forms is a cross-platform UI kit for .NET developers. The latest release focuses on “filling in the gaps.” Features include quality improvements, new Checkbox control, and community additions. More information is available here