Progress announced the R3 release of Telerik Test Studio, its enterprise UI test automation platform for web, WPF, desktop, and responsive web applications. 

The new release brings an improved user experience through a complete redesign of Test Studio Recorder and new additional translators for the most popular and widely used Progress Telerik UI for Blazor components. 

With this release, Test Studio will ship with features to facilitate and optimize UI testing of Blazor apps through grid translator enhancements and ready-to-use translators for TextBox, ComboBox, Drawer, ListView, MultiSelect, TabStrip, Animation Container and Window for an improved automation workflow. 

Instana’s Automated Monitoring/Tracing for Google Cloud Run, Pub/Dub and Storage
With Instana’s new feature, automated monitoring and tracing occur with zero configuration and no sampling. 

“With the ability to automatically monitor performance and trace requests through complicated messaging and serverless systems and all the way to the back end, Instana provides the actionable information needed by Dev and Ops teams to ensure their applications running on Google Cloud Platform run at the desired service levels,” said Chris Farrell, the observability strategist at Instana.

Instana’s announcement also includes Google Pub/Sub messaging middleware, which enables Ops and development teams to see how applications perform across messaging systems.

The last addition is the ability to monitor and trace requests into the Google Cloud Storage platform. 

ThreatStack adds machine learning capabilities
ThreatStack now combines telemetry collection, security rules, human expertise, and machine learning capabilities that empower customers to detect both known and unknown risks with context. 

“Machine learning is often promoted as a silver bullet solution to all problems,” said Brian Ahern, the CEO of Threat Stack. “With the introduction of ThreatML we are combining the industry’s best security telemetry, rules engine, human expertise, and now machine learning to create a truly powerful cloud security solution capable of detecting known and unknown risks. This provides our customers with better security coverage, unparalleled contextual findings, and cost benefits by reducing mean time to know and respond to threats.”

Linux and CD Foundation announce DevOps certification programs
The new DevOps practices and tools training and certificate program make it easier to incorporate DevOps into the development process. 

The program is addressed to developers and IT operators exploring new approaches for building software, professionals focused on site reliability and quality assurance, and anyone involved in the software delivery process.

The professional certificate combines three existing training courses into a structured program, including Introduction to DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering, Introduction to Jenkins, and Introduction to Serverless on Kubernetes.