React announced a new release of React Developer Tools that are now available in Chrome, Firefox and Chromium Edge. Features include performance gains and improved navigation as well as support for React Hooks. 

In addition, the new DevTools can filter components from the tree to make it easier to navigate deeply nested hierarchies. Host nodes and React Native are hidden by default, but this filter can be disabled.

The detailed list of new features can be viewed here. 

Square announces new APIs and SDKs that go beyond payments
Square announced an expansion of its platform to include a new set of APIs and SDKs that developers can leverage to build customized and scalable commerce experiences. 

The company said that it is shifting its focus from payments to orders. “Orders are now a central component of our platform as they connect payments to items, price modifiers, customers, and more,” Square wrote in a blog post, which contains the full details about the platform.  

This release will enable external developers to access Square software products. In addition, developers can now use orders as a single source of truth because support including carts, fulfillments, customers and source data, as well as payment information.

Stackery now on AWS Marketplace
Serverless workflow software provider Stackery announced that it is now available on AWS Marketplace.

“With the ability to build locally, deploy consistently, and manage serverless applications professionally, developers are able to take advantage of AWS innovations while focusing on delivering business value to their end users,” Stackery wrote in a post. 

Stackery Professional allows teams to debug AWS Lambda locally, deploy consistently and manage Stackery environment variables.

“The shift from server-centric to serverless application components allows DevOps teams to focus on delivering business value while getting even more from AWS innovation,” said Farrah Campbell, ecosystems director at Stackery. 

Android’s accessibility initiatives
Android’s Accessibility Developer Infrastructure team said it is working to make apps more accessible to people with disabilities by offering a pre-launch report that informs the developer of issues. 

In addition, Google said it is raising awareness about accessibility by partnering with Udacity to create free online courses, releasing an Accessibility Scanner for Android on the Play Store, and publishing iOS Accessibility Scanner on GitHub, allowing iOS developers to easily instrument apps to accessibility tests.

“Developers found that improving accessibility isn’t just the right thing to do, it also makes good business sense by increasing the potential market for their apps,” Google wrote in a blog post.