JetBrians announced the latest release of its Ruby on Rails IDE. RubyMine 2021.1 now supports RBS and uses .rbs files in its code insight for improved code completion capabilities. 

Users can also now connect RubyMine to the organization in Space where they can view and clone project repositories, review teammates’ code and write Space Automation scripts. 

Additional details on all of the UI and UX improvements and new features for working with web technologies and frameworks, version control systems and JSON are available here.

ShiftLeft CORE announced
ShiftLeft CORE is a new unified code security platform powered by ShiftLeft’s Code Property Graph (CPG). 

The platform contains NextGen Static Analysis (NG SAST), a modern code analysis solution for developers to find and fix vulnerabilities in their IDE, as well as ShiftLeft’s Intelligent SCA and ShiftLeft Educate, which offers context-sensitive security training for developers. 

“Organizations today don’t have a problem finding vulnerabilities; the challenge is prioritizing and fixing the ones they already have without sacrificing speed in the development process,” said Chetan Conikee, CTO, ShiftLeft. “The groundbreaking features we’re offering in the ShiftLeft CORE platform are designed to address this new dynamic, and turn application security into a business advantage for our customers.”

GrammaTech CodeSonar update
GrammaTech CodeSonar 6.0 provides a deeper integration of SAST within DevOps pipelines.

The new version features an integrated visual representation of selected code for improved remediation of defects that eliminates the need for a developer interface and built in detection, alerts and reporting of Top 10 OWASP risks

It also includes GitLab integration and additional language and compiler support requested by 500 plus GrammaTech customers to support their transition to DevSecOps practices. 

Postman announces unlimited API collaboration for up to three team members
Teams of up to three members can now have unlimited shared workspaces and unlimited shared requests at no cost. 

“Postman is committed to helping everyone work with APIs more easily, and this new enhancement is a key part of that effort, eliminating a cost barrier and enabling small teams to take full advantage of the platform’s API collaboration capabilities,” Postman wrote in a post.

Additional collaboration details for each Postman plan are available here.