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GitLab 17 introduces GitLab Duo Enterprise and new CI/CD catalog

GitLab has announced the latest version of its platform. GitLab 17 introduces new features such as GitLab Duo Enterprise, a new CI/CD catalog, and Native Secrets Manager. GitLab Duo Enterprise is a new AI add-on that builds on the capabilities of GitLab Duo Pro. It can be used to detect and fix security issues, summarize … continue reading

GitLab Duo Chat released as part of GitLab 16.11

GitLab has announced that its AI assistant GitLab Duo Chat is now generally available as part of the GitLab 16.11 release.  GitLab Duo Chat can answer questions about issues, epics, code, errors, CI/CD configurations, or the GitLab platform itself. It can also refactor existing code and generate tests. For instance, a developer onboarding onto a … continue reading

GitLab’s AI suite gets Chat, Code Suggestions features

GitLab has announced updates to GitLab Duo, which is a suite of 14 AI capabilities, including Suggested Reviewers, Vulnerability Summary, and Code Explanation.  According to a recently released survey from the company, the developers surveyed said they only spend about 25% of their time writing code. GitLab Duo helps improve product life cycle times because … continue reading

GitLab 16.5 brings improvements to the Compliance Center

GitLab 16.5 was announced with updates to the Compliance Center, merge request target branch rules, resolvable issue threads, and more. A new tab for standards adherence reports was added in the Compliance Center. These reports show which projects in a group do not meet the check for GitLab’s best practices. These include approval rules that … continue reading

Report: Only 23% of development teams have implemented AI already

Only 23% of development teams are actually implementing AI today in their software development life cycle.  This is according to GitLab’s State of AI in Software Development report, which surveyed over 1,000 DevSecOps professionals in June 2023.   Despite low adoption now, when you add in the number of teams planning to use AI, that number … continue reading

GitLab Achievements makes it easier to implement gamification in development

Recognizing users for their accomplishments has long been a practice in open-source communities, and now a new feature from GitLab will make it possible to publicly reward users for their GitLab activity. GitLab explained that it has always had ways to recognize users — such as hackathon leaderboards or physical SWAG — but there was … continue reading

GitLab 16 offers new AI-powered DevSecOps platform

GitLab today unveiled its newest major release, GitLab 16. This brings users new DevSecOps platform-wide capabilities as well as multiple features that the company is planning to rollout throughout the year. This release provides an enterprise-grade, AI-powered DevSecOps platform with features geared at helping customers write better code faster. Users also gain security testing and … continue reading

GitLab and Google Cloud partner to add generative AI to DevSecOps workflows

GitLab and Google Cloud have announced a new partnership to deliver greater value to their customers. The result is that GitLab’s DevSecOps platform will gain the generative AI capabilities that Google Cloud has to offer.  “GitLab’s vision for generative AI is grounded in privacy, security, and transparency. Our partnership with Google Cloud enables GitLab to … continue reading

GitLab announces new AI-powered capabilities

GitLab announced that it has been expanding support for Code Suggestions, has added a new level of visibility with Value Stream Dashboard, and has added a new and improved license compliance scanner along with license approval policies.  The company’s aim behind the improvements is to help fill the skills gap since security engineers are outnumbered … continue reading

GitLab 15.9 introduces new approvals process

In GitLab 15.9, administrators will now be able to specify files, file types, or directories that need specific types of approval. They can set approval as optional, required approval by one user, or required approval by multiple users. Approval by multiple users is a new feature itself. Previously if you did have that requirement you … continue reading

GitLab announces Remote Development to reduce context switching distractions

GitLab’s new release, Remote Development, enables organizations to directly support developers by letting them establish an environment that best suits where, when, and how they prefer to work.  It gets rid of location, device, and complex toolchain barriers to keep workflow distractions down to a minimum.  “For developers, frequent context-switching between different environments, navigating complex … continue reading

GitLab announces beta of its new Web IDE

The team at GitLab announced that it is getting ready to launch the new Web IDE experience as a beta, available to everyone and enabled by default on According to GitLab, this new Web IDE is more user-friendly and efficient. It combines VS Code’s core features along with heightened performance and the ability to … continue reading

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