Sauce Labs announced that it acquired Test Fairy, a provider of an enterprise-grade mobile platform designed to help companies streamline their development processes. 

According to Sauce Labs, the acquisition enhances its real-device cloud capabilities along with  its emulator/simulator offering with a developer-centric mobile testing solution to help developers deploy beta apps quickly and get real-user feedback.

Key features of the TestFairy platform include app distribution, crash reporting, in-app bug reporting, live support, remote logging, test automation, and session video recording.

Additional details on the acquisition are available here.

Git 2.31 released
In 2.31, Git gained the ability to serialize the reverse index into a new, on-disk format with the ‘.rev’ extension, which now uses up as much time to print an object’s contents as it does its size. 

“Reverse indexes can help beyond synthetic experiments like these: when sending objects for a fetch or push, the reverse index is used to send object bytes directly from disk,” Taylor Blau, a senior software engineer at Git wrote in a blog post that contains additional details on the new update. 

Git 2.31 also introduces background maintenance, a cross-platform feature that allows Git to keep your repositories healthy without blocking any interactions. This improves Git fetch times by pre-fetching the latest objects from one’s remotes once an hour.

Jscrambler now integrates with GitLab
Jscrambler announced a new integration with GitLab to improve the user experience and security protocols for GitLab customers that are using Jscrambler to protect their JavaScript applications. 

The integration now enables users to protect the source code at build time, add runtime protection capabilities in the source code, instill threat detection and reduce the attack surface.

“Client-side attacks are on the rise, with attackers blindsiding companies by targeting their source code and other client-side weak links. Jscrambler’s integration with GitLab will allow development teams to seamlessly protect their source code and reduce their exposure to reverse-engineering, tampering, and data exfiltration attacks,” said Rui Ribeiro, the CEO of Jscrambler. 

Google and Automation Anywhere team up on RPA
Google announced a partnership that will combine Google Cloud’s AI and ML technology with Automation Anywhere’s cloud-native RPA capabilities. 

“By partnering with Google Cloud, we can help organizations leverage intelligent automation capabilities at a massive, global scale, and dramatically decrease the amount of time that teams spend on their most common, repetitive business tasks,” said Mihir Shukla, the CEO and co-founder of Automation Anywhere. 

Google Cloud will integrate with services such as Apigee, Appsheet, and AI Platform and it will enable customers to scale the application of automation with API management, low code and no code development, and the development of ML workflows.

Additional details are available here.