Tasktop announced the release of its Integration Hub v20.1 to simplify toolchain integration and to help scale enterprise software delivery. 

The new release includes simple navigation of relationships between configuration elements, a new scheduler for full scans, the ability to configure the flow of private and public comments as well as a new connector Planview PPM Pro. 

In addition, it includes the ability to do more with point-and-click configuration, duplication of configuration elements, and added custom date range. 

The full list of new capabilities is available here.

Scylla Enterprise releases 2019.1.4
ScyllaDB announced the release of Scylla Enterprise 2019.1.4, which improves stability and robustness and reduces storage requirements with the new Incremental Compaction Strategy and IPv6 enabled. 

The new compaction strategy is an improvement on the default Size Tiered Compaction Strategy (STCS), which fixes its doubling of temporary disk usage by breaking huge SSTables into smaller chunks, the company explained.

The full details on the new release are available here.

Synopsys partners with Finastra on app security validation program
Synopsys announced a partnership with Finastra to establish an application security validation program for FusionFabric.cloud.

FusionFabric.cloud is a scalable, open and collaborative development platform that enables Fintech providers to use static application security testing, software composition analysis, penetration and code reviews while creating software. 

“By partnering with Synopsys on our application validation program, we’re creating a win-win solution for financial institutions and Fintech developers,” said Nir Valtman, head of product and data security at Finastra. “Financial institutions can streamline the onboarding process for new applications and bring innovation to market faster, and Fintech providers get third-party validation from an industry-leading application security company.”

TriggerMesh raises seed capital for cloud native integration platform
TriggerMesh raised $3 million in seed funding to build a cloud native integration platform.

TriggerMesh’s platform and serverless cloud bus facilitate application flow orchestration to consume events from any data center application or cloud event source and trigger serverless functions.

According to the company, it will help organizations to  build enterprise-grade applications that span multiple cloud and data center environments, addressing a growing pain point as serverless architectures become more prevalent.