The Post-it App is integrating with the visual project collaboration solution Trello in order to turn Post-it Notes into digital project plans. 

Users can take photos of up to 200 Post-it Notes, each of which will be recognized as an individual card that can be uploaded to a Trello board. Users can then organize their cards into project phases, assign owners, add deadlines and attach assets. 

“Many great ideas start out as scribbles on Post-it Notes during meetings or in between tasks,” said Michael Pryor, founder and head of Trello. “After the momentum of a brainstorm or a full day of meetings winds down, many people are faced with the ‘next step’ problem – how to organize and move forward with the exciting ideas that they’ve captured. Trello’s integration with the Post-it App provides a place where intent can become action.”

Hyperledger Foundation announces Avalon, a trusted compute framework
Hyperledger Foundation announced its latest project, Hyperledger Avalon, a Trusted Compute Framework that enables computations to be processed off-chain without compromising privacy. 

Off-chain operations are meant to overcome blockchain’s limitations of scalability and confidentiality while still maintaining resiliency and integrity, the organization explained. 

The project is an intersection of Hyperledger, EEA and cloud service provider ecosystems and is perhaps the most sponsored project to date, Hyperledger wrote in a post that described the project in detail.

Boomi announces business insights and event driven architecture initiative
Boomi, a Dell Technologies business, unveiled details about ‘business insights,’ and its Event Driven Architecture (EDA).

The company announced full life cycle API management capabilities with three key functionalities: API Proxy, API Gateway and API Developer Porta;, as well as a new customer-focused program that enables users to experiment, develop and adopt event driven architectures seamlessly. 

“Our customers are always being asked to do more with less. No one is asking for less data slower, and they have to be able to unify past, present and future data and applications seamlessly within their digital ecosystems,” said Michael Morton, Boomi’s CTO. “Customers are looking to Boomi to help solve their business problems and allowing them to achieve all kinds of business outcomes, faster. To do so they have to connect everything in real-time.”

Automation Anywhere announces web-based, cloud-native digital workforce platform
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) provider Automation anywhere announced that it is launching a web-based, cloud-native Digital Workforce platform called Automation Anywhere Enterprise A2019. 

The new platform is web-based to provide ease-of-use, is cloud-native to improve scalability, has AI capabilities such as computer vision, natural language processing and predictive modeling.  

“Enterprise A2019 is that dramatic departure, with a refreshing, instant-on user experience that eliminates the friction many companies still experience in building, deploying and scaling bots,” said Mihir Shukla, CEO and co-founder of Automation Anywhere. “Beginning today, users can log on to the platform from any web browser, dramatically increasing the speed of deploying RPA while decreasing the time in which companies derive compelling business value.”

The full details about the new solution are available here.

Mobile Labs launches Cloud GigaFox 
Mobile Labs announced the release of GigaFox, a “re-imagining of the device cloud by supercharging creating, testing, and delivering high quality mobile apps and Web content,” according to the company.  

“GigaFox vastly improves our support for manual testing, DevOps, and rapid Appium workflows. An Appium server with improved performance, concurrency, and reliability is instantly available, and our support team is excited to put its new power to work for customer success,” said Dan McFall, Mobile Labs’ president & CEO.

The full details on the new solution are available here.