XebiaLabs DevOps Platform 9.5 Offers Enterprises Unparalleled Visibility into Software Delivery Processes

XebiaLabs announced the release of its DevOps Platform version 9.5. This release is designed to provide business-level insight into complete software releases.

The new release includes a Delivery Patterns feature, which synchronizes the delivery of business applications across technical release pipelines, according to the company. With Delivery Patterns, users can track business applications, synchronize component pipelines, model pipeline dependencies and visualize the real-time status of component pipeline execution. 

It also includes new features in XebiaLabs’ on-demand release audit reporting and enhancements to administrative and command-line interface functionality. 

Full release notes are available here.

New features in Apache Kafka 2.4
The release of Apache Kafka 2.4 comes with new features and improvements.

The new features include KIP-392, which allows consumers to fetch from the closest replica, as well as features such as a consumer incremental Rebalance Protocol and the ability to create an administrative API for replica reassignment. 

In addition, Zookeeper has been upgrade to 3.5.x and Apache Kafka 2.4.0 now supports Scala 2.13.

The full details on what’s new in Apache Kafka 2.4.0 is available here.

ShiftLeft announces new inspect static application security testing tool
ShiftLeft launched a new version of its inspect static application security testing (SAST) solution.  

The new version provides key workflow integrations sush as code repositories, build and bug-tracking tools to insert security into the earliest stages of the SDLC. 

“ShiftLeft Inspect is designed to give developers the speed, accuracy and seamless CI/CD pipeline integration they need. Yet, developers are the ultimate ‘try before you buy’ consumers so we’re now offering security to them through a truly usable, self-service and free version so they can see exactly what Inspect can do for them,” said Manish Gupta, CEO of ShiftLeft. 

The full details on the new version are available here.

A Cloud Guru acquires the Linux Academy 
A Cloud Guru announced that it acquired Linux Academy, hoping that the combined organization will be the definitive school for the future of IT.

“Together with Linux Academy, we are ensuring that each customer has access to the highest quality and most relevant content throughout their continuous learning path,” said Sam Kroonenburg, the CEO of A Cloud Guru. 

Kroonenburg explained that its customers will benefit from a more comprehensive course catalog with much greater depth in Linux, Security, DevOps, Big Data and Containers content across AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. 

The full details on the acquisition are available here.