At a time when organizations such as Microsoft with their Teams feature are creating innovative ways to recreate workspaces, the developers behind the open-source project Work Adventure found a different approach: What if you could recreate a workspace within a 16-bit RPG video game that looks similar to Pokemon games?

In this innovative office workspace style, users can move around a virtual universe and talk to colleagues and a video-chat feature that is triggered when moving next to a colleague. 

“Pick a map that suits your mood! If you don’t find what you need, you can always create your own map,” the developers of Workadventure wrote on the project’s website that contains additional details. 

In addition to spaces that recreate the office look (in 16-bit that is), users can chat in the luscious outdoors or any other designed environment. 

Users just need a mic and camera to walk up to a colleague in the game at which point a video feed of them pops up in the top right corner. Users can also create a private room with their friends or their team. 

“Workadventure is an intuitive and fun solution to professional issues: working in a remote way within a team, creating an event (even a big one), and staying connected and increasing social interactions,” the developers added.

Currently, Workadventure supports instant interactions with up to four people, the ability to share your screen with others, and the ability to organize a workshop and meeting with up to 60 people. It is primarily written in TypeScript.