SnapLogic today announced its August 2021 product release, which features new capabilities that make it faster and easier for IT and business users to unlock the power of self-service integration and automation throughout their organization.

The release adds SnapLogic Flows, a modern intuitive user experience for non-technical business users, which enables them to develop application integrations and automate data flows in a self-service manner, without the use of code.

Flows also enables IT to step away from the core development of these solutions but gives them the ability to add requirements and guardrails for non-technical developers.

The release also features API lifecycle management updates and an enhanced developer portal with a ‘zero downtime upgrade’ to minimize any disruption for customers during release updates. Also new is extended ELT support for Databricks’ Delta Lake.

Whenever an API is deprecated in SnapLogic, it is still active but will indicate that a new version should be used instead. In addition, when an API is retired, that API will not be visible in the developer portal, and any request to the API endpoint returns with an appropriate error code and message. 

“With the introduction of SnapLogic Flows, we’re adding to our family of purpose-built, easy-to-use interfaces to help non-technical business users realize the vision of self-service, enterprise-wide automation,” said Craig Stewart, the CTO at SnapLogic. “In addition, our new zero downtime commitment to customers as well as our expanded API management and ELT capabilities enable business and IT groups to work together on a single, powerful platform to drive productivity, collaboration, and results.”

New snaps have been added to support out-of-the-box connectivity to Shopify, Zuora REST APIs, and Tableau.