Swimm, a developer onboarding and team collaboration tool provider, announced that it raised $5.7 million in seed funding and also launched its platform for sharing information about codebases. 

The round of funding was led by Pitango First alongside TAU Ventures, Axon Ventures, Fundfire, as well as angel investors that included the founder of Snyk. 

The solution is designed to help developers quickly understand and navigate codebase. According to the company, understanding other people’s code is a common challenge that comes up in organizations onboarding, training, remote work, project or context switching initiatives.

“We immediately saw how much time, resources and effort companies had to invest into training developers — even experienced ones,” said Oren Toledano, co-founder and CEO of Swimm. “In most companies, developers were just thrown into the code pool at the deep end, and it became a question of sink or swim. It’s an expensive learning curve.”

To solve this, Swimm’s solution enables developers to build tutorial units based on the current versions of a company’s constantly changing codebase. 

The solution includes Snippet Studio, which enables developers to create walkthroughs, tutorials within a codebase. Developers can also add comments into specific lines of code that can explain the code flows and logic. 

The Tree View feature enables users to quickly search for files that have corresponding Swimm tutorials. It also includes an Auto-Sync algorithm that automatically suggests updates to documentation as code evolves, the company explained on its website.

Swimm is language-agnostic and currently works with all source control solutions and Git hosting services, IDEs, and operating systems. 

“Even the most agile teams can end up chasing down vital information, creating needless delays and slowing a project down,” Toledano added. “We didn’t create Swimm just to help companies improve their productivity; our focus was also on how we can make a developer’s journey into a codebase frictionless, faster and even a bit fun.”