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JetBrains launches new tool for creating technical documentation

JetBrains is hoping to improve the way technical documentation is created with a new tool called Writerside. Currently in an Early Access Program, Writerside is a platform for writing and collaborating on documentation, API references, tutorials, developer guides, and how-tos. It can be used as a plugin in the JetBrains IDE or as a standalone … continue reading

Let’s give diagramming the makeover it needs

Code documentation has never been considered fun. Maybe it’s time we changed that. Documenting your code is often seen as an arduous, yet necessary chore. For many developers, this process is time-consuming and brain-draining – which is the complete opposite of how it’s supposed to be. A core part of the documentation process – creating … continue reading

Creating a culture of documentation

What is documentation? Why is it important? What makes it good or bad? And – if it’s bad – what are the consequences? In this article, I’ll discuss all of this, explain how documentation (good or bad) is an outgrowth of organizational culture, and suggest some ways you can work to improve culture and produce … continue reading

Continuous documentation pulls from the principles of CI/CD

Testing and the SDLC have evolved as a result of continuous integration and deployment becoming a popular method at organizations, but moving forward, organizations need to apply the same principles to documentation to keep developers up to speed.  This is according to the newly released Continuous Documentation Manifesto written by Omer Rosenbaum, the CTO at … continue reading

Swimm launches to help developers better understand codebases

Swimm, a developer onboarding and team collaboration tool provider, announced that it raised $5.7 million in seed funding and also launched its platform for sharing information about codebases.  The round of funding was led by Pitango First alongside TAU Ventures, Axon Ventures, Fundfire, as well as angel investors that included the founder of Snyk.  The … continue reading

Documentation continues to be a thorn for developers

Few tasks can make a developer groan more than the process of documenting their code. As important as documentation is, it’s a task that has always gotten set as a low priority for developers, which leads to problems down the line.  Postman’s 2019 State of API survey found that over half of respondents felt that … continue reading

Stack Overflow sunsets Documentation, AGL UCB 4.0, and Amazon considers new cloud service — SD Times news digest: August 3, 2017

Stack Overflow is retiring Documentation on August 8. While Stack Overflow had high hopes for the new initiative, their research showed new users weren’t coming to Documentation, and they needed a larger team to fix Documentation for developers. According to a Stack Overflow entry: “After August 8, 2017 at 1700 UTC, we’ll disable proposed changes … continue reading

GitHub releases 2017 Open Source Survey

As open-source software continues to become a critical part of the software industry, GitHub wants to ensure the community understands the pervasive landscape. The organization recently released an open set of data designed to help researchers, data enthusiasts and open-source members comprehend the overall needs of the community. Some of the major findings highlight how valued documentation … continue reading

PagerDuty open-sources its Incident Response Documentation

After building up its internal incident response documentation for several years, the enterprise incident resolution service PagerDuty open-sourced the documentation so the community can better prepare for various incidents. The PagerDuty Incident Response Documentation is a collection of best practices for how to prepare new employees for on-call responsibilities, as well as how to handle … continue reading

Microsoft previews new documentation service for developer content

To help developers and IT professionals find technical content that will help them with deploying services and developing applications, Microsoft announced the preview release of its new documentation services,, which displays content supporting Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility products. Part of the decision to create a new website for content came from reviewing the existing content … continue reading Protection Status