There’s an app for just about everything these days, but mobilizing enterprises requires considerably more thought. Sybase, an SAP company, helps enterprises manage, analyze and mobilize information across all major systems, networks and devices, so that your company can conduct business with confidence today and tomorrow.

Sybase’s enterprise mobility, analytics and information management solutions are powering mission-critical systems in the world’s leading healthcare, insurance, financial services, government, manufacturing and telecommunications organizations.
Sybase was acquired by software giant SAP in August 2010, and is now spearheading SAP’s mobile business.

“Sybase has been a mobility innovator since 1992. Gartner, IDC and Forrester recognize we are leading the way,” said Carolyn Fitton, product marketing manager at Sybase. “SAP reaches a large percentage of customers that want to increase their efficiency through mobility. SAP provides the back-end systems; Sybase provides the application development tools and mobility solutions. Together, we’re mobilizing enterprises.”

Sybase’s mobile enterprise products include the Sybase Unwired Platform, which deploys mobile enterprise applications to mobile users; Afaria, an enterprise security and device management system; and SQL Anywhere, a data management system. There are also two combined Sybase/SAP solutions: Sybase Mobile Sales for SAP CRM and Sybase Mobile Workflow for SAP Business Suite.

The Sybase Unwired Platform allows organizations to create and manage multiple mobile applications that securely connect to back-end data sources to major device types. It includes a powerful 4GL tooling environment for fast mobile development that integrates with popular IDEs such as Eclipse, so developers can use their existing tools and expertise.

“Enterprises are presented with multiple device types in their organization. As more devices are released, it seems unrealistic that a developer would have to mobilize applications for specific devices,” said Fitton. “Enterprises want to connect Web services and databases to devices, but the process needs to be simplified. If you use a mobile platform that abstracts back-end information, you can push the abstraction out to multiple device types because you have a template application for the operating systems. Write once, deploy to many.”

The Sybase Unwired Platform seamlessly integrates with SAP and other enterprise applications that leverage databases, applications or Web services. It is also fully integrated with Sybase’s Afaria mobile device management and security solution.
The Afaria device management and security solution is designed with diversity in mind. It provides single-console control so organizations can centrally manage and secure all critical enterprise data, mobile applications, and devices with confidence. Afaria encrypts data on devices and enforces security policies. It also backs up data and content, which can be deleted if a device is lost or stolen.

“One of the biggest opportunities not publicized is security,” said Fitton. “It’s a huge consideration and vital because businesses welcoming new devices, and deploying applications need mobile security and management to mitigate risk.”

Sybase and Samsung recently announced an expanded partnership aimed at enterprise customers. Samsung will deliver Sybase’s Afaria Advanced Enterprise Security for Android to provide breakthrough application management and security for Samsung’s popular Galaxy S and Galaxy S II smartphones. According to Jongshin Kim, vice president of the Enterprise Solution Group at Samsung Electronics, Afaria will help “Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy S II set a new security standard within the Android ecosystem.”

Fitton said there has been considerable debate up to this point about whether Android is ready for the enterprise. Her answer is “yes”—once application management and security have been addressed.

Sybase’s enterprise mobility offerings include a comprehensive portfolio of products, solutions and services. According to Fitton, many developers strategize with Sybase product and mobility experts to ensure the success of their projects.

“Delta Air Lines saves field employees 30 to 60 minutes each day by streamlining the collection and sharing of information via mobile devices,” she said. “Cox Communications saves $500,000 per year on IT costs related to the management of devices.”

In today’s fast-paced environment, organizations do not have the luxury of taking a piecemeal approach to mobility because the technology is changing too rapidly. And all too often businesses plan for their current needs but do not consider their future requirements, and then scalability becomes an issue. Sybase’s Unwired Platform helps organizations rectify and avoid these issues.

And although apps are on everyone’s mind, pushing apps out to devices isn’t the wisest thing to do first, especially in an enterprise setting. It is better to begin with security so that data and the devices they run on are secure before pushing apps out to end points.
“If you invest in a mobile application platform, you’re better prepared for the future,” said Fitton. “A mobile application platform enables developers to build applications for different devices and form factors, which is critical. You also need to make security a priority, and look at mobile device management in terms of its ability to support new device types.”

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