Today’s enterprise developers are expected to deliver innovative business solutions, not just code software. Using Syncfusion’s broad range of enterprise-class software components, Fortune 100 companies and small Independent Software Vendors alike are delivering the kind of elegant user interfaces, informative business dashboards, and sophisticated reporting capabilities that end users expect, in the formats they demand.

“Syncfusion’s full product suite, Essential Studio Enterprise, is about 360-degree application transformation,” said Daniel Jebaraj, vice president of product development. “We deliver products and support customers from evaluation until their applications have been shipped and are being maintained. We make it easy for you to deliver competitive value.”

Syncfusion’s award-winning controls and tools are available for ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight, Windows Forms, and Windows Presentation Foundation. The controls are available in User Interface, Reporting and Business Intelligence Editions; collectively they may be purchased as Essential Studio Enterprise Edition.

The User Interface Edition includes a high-performance grid, scheduler, data-visualization chart, diagram, gauge, and docking and menu frameworks. The Reporting Edition is a multi-platform reporting solution for creating advanced reports or integrating document-based (Word, Excel, PDF) reporting into Windows and Web applications. The new Business Intelligence Edition can be used to build high-performance dashboards that transform the way users view, analyze and interact with data.

Essential Studio Enterprise 2011 Volume 2 ensures that all ASP.NET MVC controls support MVC 3, Microsoft’s latest framework version. There are also enhancements to ASP.NET menus and schedules that make Web applications more intuitive and dynamic.

Add Powerful and Affordable Business Intelligence Capabilities
Business intelligence solutions have largely been the domain of large companies implementing expensive solutions, but today companies of all sizes need fast, affordable access to critical information.

“Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, the business intelligence component of SQL Server, comes with an excellent set of APIs and a business layer that lowers learning curves,” said Jebaraj. “Our BI suite works with it and other BI engines. We bring data back in user-friendly forms via a browser or desktop, rather than requiring complex queries. Developers are integrating the components into their .NET applications because they can build great BI functionality quickly and for a lot less money.”

Syncfusion’s Business Intelligence controls work seamlessly within the Visual Studio Toolbox, adding capabilities that are not available natively, such as the ability to slice and dice information residing in a data warehouse without requiring a lot of code. The controls work with both OLAP and relational data.

Creating dashboards for Windows and Web applications is easy using the Chart, Client, Grid, Gauge and PivotGrid controls included in Syncfusion’s BI Edition.
Essential BI Chart provides an easy way to visualize BI data buried in OLAP and relational databases. It offers drill-down capabilities so developers can render big-picture data and enable fast navigation of underlying details.

Essential BI Client easily can be bound to an OLAP database, so all the dimensions, measures and KPIs are available for ad hoc analysis. Users can slice and dice data using their choice of slicers, filters, summaries and more. They can also drag and drop measures and dimensions into horizontal or vertical axes, so data can be pivoted as desired.

Essential BI Grid helps end users make informed decisions, fast. Its data-source support ranges from SQL Server Analysis Services to any XML for Analysis (XMLA)-compatible OLAP database. The in-memory pivot engine makes it possible to bind to any standard relational database.

Essential BI Gauge is particularly useful for executive and managerial dashboards. It displays KPIs from an OLAP cube, which can include goals and status visualizations such as traffic lights, road signs and standard arrows.

Essential PivotGrid is a powerful cell-oriented, extensible grid control that allows users to extract information from a large list within seconds. The data can be presented, summarized and grouped as desired.

Jebaraj explained that a large bank is implementing a BI system using Syncfusion controls instead of a traditional system. The bank considered a packaged, end-to-end solution, but it was expensive and difficult to integrate with existing systems, which would have created an unwanted silo. Using Syncfusion controls, the bank was able to build a high-performance BI system that operates as expected within its existing IT infrastructure at a fraction of the cost.

Another customer needed to analyze security data and already had a BI back end in place, so it used Syncfusion controls to add effective visualization capabilities to the front end. Jebaraj said that many customers have end-to-end BI solutions in place but use Syncfusion BI components to help with front-end visual displays. Using UI components, developers can rapidly add BI functionality considerably faster and cheaper than is possible using traditional BI solutions.

Starting with the release of Essential Studio Enterprise 2011 Volume 2, Syncfusion has added more capabilities to its BI Edition that will benefit Silverlight and WPF development. It also has unveiled an RDL-compatible reporting engine for Silverlight and WPF. Its ASP.NET MVC product suite now includes HTML5 enhancements as well as a set of Windows Phone controls.

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