Syncfusion recently released Essential Studio 2012 Volume 1 to offer developers new ASP.NET MVC controls.These controls target mobile devices and are referred to as Mobile MVC.

Mobile MVC includes a cross-platform grid that supports interactive features for enterprise applications that normally only appear on desktop applications. This release expands the current offering to more than 19 ASP.NET controls targeted for development on Android, iOS and Symbian.

Additionally, Mobile MVC includes an HTML5 gauge built on the Canvas element. This is designed to help developers take full advantage of HTML5 to improve the user experience of their applications. The tool includes four types of gauges that can be customized, and it features 14 built-in skins.


Essential Diagram for Mobile MVC has two HTML5-enhanced modes, including Scalable Vector Graphics mode and Canvas mode.

An AutoComplete control, which suggests entries as users type in a text box, has also been enhanced to support increased performance when fetching data, highlighted searched text, and left-to-right text alignment.

A ribbon control allows developers to create a Microsoft Office-like toolbar in applications, which can include any number of tabs and groups. This is fully customizable but also features 14 premade themes.

A splitter control can be used to create separate panels in the work area that can be collapsed or resized, with horizontal or vertical orientation, pane resizing, content template support, and collapsible panes.

“Essential Studio 2012 Volume 1 is a major update to our package of mobile controls,” said Daniel Jebaraj, vice president of Syncfusion. “Our customers will now be able to build standards-based, future-proof mobile applications that share a substantial amount of code with their current business applications.

“Gartner predicts that by 2015, mobile application development projects targeting smartphones and tablets will outnumber native PC projects by a ratio of 4 to 1. Our mobile solutions help developers leverage their current assets and knowledge of development.”