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Kong announces managed service to run Kong Gateways and Kong Insomnia 8.0

The API company Kong has announced a new managed service for running Kong Gateways so developers don’t have to worry about the underlying infrastructure.  The new service, Dedicated Cloud Gateways, is a part of Kong Konnect, the company’s API management platform. “At Kong, we enable any company to become an API-first company — speeding up time … continue reading

SmartBear to acquire API company Stoplight

The testing company SmartBear has announced it is acquiring an API company called Stoplight. By adding Stoplight’s API governance, mocking, and no-code editing capabilities into the SmartBear portfolio, SmartBear will be able to provide its customers with a comprehensive API development platform.  Stoplight’s open-source catalog of Prism, Spectral, and Elements will also join up with … continue reading

Google’s latest Privacy Sandbox preview introduces custom audience delegation

Android announced the release of Developer Preview 9 for the Privacy Sandbox on Android with API and SDK improvements.  The initial release of Custom Audience Delegation introduces the ability to create custom audiences for buyers without an on-device SDK. It also integrates with Bidding and Auction services for more intricate ad auctions.  Enrollment is no … continue reading

Flutter 3.13 released with Impeller improvements and API for foldables

The quarterly Flutter stable release version 3.13 introduces improvements to Impeller, Flutter’s new graphics renderer, and adds new Engine APIs for foldable devices. Impeller renderer on iOS optimizations have led to reduced latency, eliminating shader compilation issues and resulting in smoother performance. Additionally, some benchmarks show that Impeller now has improved average throughput, surpassing previous … continue reading

SmartBear launches SwaggerHub Portal to promote API adoption

SmartBear launched SwaggerHub Portal, a new feature for customizing consumer-facing documentation to promote API adoption.  This developer-centric tool enables API providers to create personalized landing pages, offering consumers comprehensive resources for easy API implementation. The SwaggerHub Portal integrates with SwaggerHub, a popular API design and documentation tool, as well as Explore, an API client supporting … continue reading

Google announces GA of API that makes it possible to integrate apps with Chat

Google has announced the general availability of new APIs for Chat for Google Workspace developers.  The API allows developers to build applications that integrate with Chat. These applications could allow conversations held in Chat to include details or link previews. As an example, Google explained that issues could be created or managed in Jira for … continue reading

Flatfile announces new data exchange platform

The Flatfile Data Exchange Platform was released as a set of APIs, open-source plugins, and event streams that allow developers to use the building blocks of Flatfile to solve nearly any data exchange problem. The company, Flatfile, was founded in response to the common frustrations associated with handling file imports. The founders experienced the challenges … continue reading

Report: APIs responsible for over a quarter of revenue for nearly half of all companies

This is according to Postman’s 2023 State of the API report, which revealed that nearly two-thirds of respondents are generating revenue from their APIs. Of those, 43% generate over a quarter of their company’s revenue through APIs. Respondents judged the success of APIs by how much revenue they bring in, which is the second measure … continue reading

Mabl’s load testing offering provides increased insight into app performance

Low-code intelligence automation company mabl today announced its new load testing offering geared at allowing engineering teams to assess how their application will perform under production load. This capability integrates into mabl’s SaaS platform so that users can enhance the value of existing functional tests, move performance testing to an earlier phase of the development … continue reading

Postman Flows makes building software more accessible

The API platform Postman today announced Postman Flows, a visual tool to create API applications. This release helps to make the process of building software easier by using APIs as building blocks so anyone can produce workflows, integrations, and automations without needing to write any code. “APIs are the building blocks of modern software. However, … continue reading

Google Cloud introduces AI capabilities to simplify building with Google’s AI models

Google announced new APIs and products that make it easier, safer, and more scalable to start building with Google’s AI models through Google Cloud as well as a new prototyping environment called MakerSuite. For developers experimenting with AI, Google has released the PaLM API, which can be used to build on top of the company’s … continue reading

AWS’ low code serverless app builder enables prototyping

The now generally available AWS Application Composer is a visual builder that enables users to compose and configure serverless applications from AWS services backed by deployment-ready infrastructure as code (IaC). AWS Application Composer allows for building prototypes of serverless applications and collaboratively reviewing them, generating diagrams for documentation or Wikis, and onboarding new team members … continue reading

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