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Android 15 first beta released with default support for edge-to-edge apps displays

The Android development team has just released the first beta for Android 15, which allows developers and early adopters to start using it on their supported Pixel devices.  As of this beta, apps can now be displayed edge-to-edge by default, meaning that content will be visible behind system bars like the notification bar at the … continue reading

Android 15 gets its second developer preview with updates to satellite functionality, audio recognition, and more

The Android development team has just announced the release of the second developer preview for Android 15.  The satellite communication functionality has been updated with new UI elements to provide a better user experience. Apps can also now use ServiceState.isUsingNonTerrestrialNetwork() to detect when a device is connected via satellite, and there is also now support … continue reading

Android 15 developer preview out now

The Android development team has just announced the first developer preview of Android 15.  “Android 15 continues our work to build a platform that helps improve your productivity while giving you new capabilities to produce superior media experiences, minimize battery impact, maximize smooth app performance, and protect user privacy and security all on the most … continue reading Protection Status