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Zeichick’s Take: With mobile, it’s all about the installed base

The more control over mobile OS upgrade paths that hardware manufacturers have, the more consumers lose out … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: Android and iOS advance, BlackBerry retreats, Windows Phone re-launches

(Mostly) good news for users of these devices, but are any of them able to separate from the others? … continue reading

Google cracks open Jelly Bean OS at Google I/O

Latest version offers improved graphics and animation, and a new application performance profiler … continue reading

iOS vs. Android: Apple and Google map different routes

Apple partners with TomTom for iOS 6’s new mapping service, but Google still has ways to increase Android developer support … continue reading

Android development: ‘Tis better to go native

Native development costs more, but the better quality makes it worth it … continue reading

Breaking down Android

Understanding the concepts around the software stack is a key first step for developers writing apps to the platform … continue reading

Google talks tools at AnDevCon III

New 3D debugging tool and recent ADK changes are detailed by Google developers at the third Android Developer Conference … continue reading

Android is the focus of two new design tools

Anywhere Software and Xamarin provide ways for developers to create and test their applications on PCs … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: High-PPI displays, coming to a desktop near you

Market trends indicate that desktops and laptops will be seeing higher pixels-per-inch screens by 2013 … continue reading

The Microsoft IP tussle over Android

IP lawyers describe the many tactics Microsoft uses to defend its patents, and how they can be countered … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: Android and Linux do the reverse-fork maneuver

After some time apart, Android and Linux are together again, which is good for both … continue reading

Android performance tools hit the market

AndEBench and a bevy of graphics performance analysis tools aim to clear out Android performance bottlenecks … continue reading Protection Status
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