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Five Apache projects you may not know about

From content management to XMPP to extracting metadata, these projects may be worth a second (or first) look … continue reading

Oracle is leaving the door open for Apache at the JCP

Feud over TCK led Apache to quit board; others support foundation by felt advancing Java spec was more important for now … continue reading

When open-source projects go commercial

Companies are increasingly using open source software as a way to leverage proprietary components or services … continue reading

NASA Apache data-management project gains top-level status

Object-Oriented Data Technology enables data searching over widespread physical databases … continue reading

Year in Review: Open source

Apache, Hadoop, Linux and, of course, Oracle all made news this year … continue reading

Year in Review: Java

When Oracle brought IBM back to the JCP, the future of the language suddenly looked brighter … continue reading

Apache resigns from JCP

Feud over the future of Java leads to the Apache Software Foundation leaving the executive committee of the JCP … continue reading

Integration Watch: Open-source presumptuousness

Apache’s actions stem from two poor assumptions about open source: that it needs defending, and that it is innately superior … continue reading

From the Editors: Oracle is making friends

Oracle’s moves regarding the OpenJDK have been brilliant so far; Apache, it’s time to give up over the Java SE 5 TCK … continue reading

Analysis: Apache threatens to cut off Java SE 7

The move against Oracle is nothing new as long-brewing battle over Harmony and the Java 1.5 TCK boils over into the JCP … continue reading

Apache Commons IO 2.0 breaks from past

Updated library of common IO routines uses JDK 1.5, making it incompatible with Commons IO 1.4 … continue reading

Making enterprise search a bit more Lucid

Lucid Imagination offers developers integrated tools for creating search applications with different pricing model … continue reading

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