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Apache Commons IO 2.0 breaks from past

Updated library of common IO routines uses JDK 1.5, making it incompatible with Commons IO 1.4 … continue reading

Making enterprise search a bit more Lucid

Lucid Imagination offers developers integrated tools for creating search applications with different pricing model … continue reading

New Apache Foundation ushers in FOP 1.0

The Foundation also elected new members to its board of directors and updated the status of several projects … continue reading

Tomcat update reduces memory leaks

Improvements mean that memory use won’t be shut down as often; other patches have been included in the release … continue reading

Integration Watch: Are open-source foundations still relevant?

Organizations like Apache and the FSF no longer push the relevant open-source projects as others do today … continue reading

Apache graduates Hadoop incubator projects

Foundations announces project promotions, and pushes Hadoop, Lucene sub-projects into the incubator … continue reading

Apache Cassandra database project gets an update

Version 0.6 brings this NoSQL project closer to Apache Hadoop, looks to the future of scalable data applications … continue reading

Ant build suite update boosts scanning speed

The new version improves directory scanning code and expands capabilities for the <import> command … continue reading

Apache Pivot brings Java into RIA world

Open-source Java-based RIA framework brings speed of other RIA development environments to a pure Java world … continue reading Protection Status