Topic: application lifecycle

Shippable helps companies navigate through modern application delivery landscape

Shippable has released an infographic to help decision makers in software teams who want to increase their teams’ productivity and speed up their application delivery cycle time. This infographic is designed to help developers navigate through the modern application delivery landscape based on their needs, and it details the tools and technologies that could help … continue reading

The year agile, DevOps and Continuous Delivery took over the life cycle

When the term “application life cycle” was first introduced, there was no knowledge or even any practice of agile development or Continuous Delivery (CD); there were no wearables, and mobile phones were dramatically different than what they are today. What used to suggest a beginning to an end to a program’s life evolved into this … continue reading

Serena Software Redefines Automation of the Application Release Lifecycle

Serena Release Manager v5 addresses the quality, speed and predictability of software releases … continue reading Protection Status