Topic: asynchronous programming

Async Foundations Working Group to build a shared vision for Async Rust

In an effort to make asynchronous programming in Rust more available to everyone, the Async Foundations Working Group is building a shared vision document for Async Rust. According to the working group, this will accelerate Rust’s adoption for building distributed systems.  “Whatever they’re using it for, we want all developers to love using Async Rust. … continue reading

Microsoft’s Visual Studio timeline and Z3 Theorem Prover, Google Cloud Launcher, Facebook’s Fresco—SD Times news digest: March 27, 2015

Microsoft has released a rough timeline of the upcoming features and capabilities on track for the release of Visual Studio 2015 and beyond. The tentative feature rundown for the company’s flagship developer IDE is below: More details are available on the Visual Studio blog. Google unveils Google Cloud Launcher Google has announced Google Cloud Launcher … continue reading Protection Status