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Why software tools need to adjust to the changing landscape of ALM

There’s no hiding the changes happening in the application life cycle. Heavily influenced by the likes of DevOps and agile, ALM today is affected by market disruptions and the role that business leaders and stakeholders play throughout the process of delivering software. Companies are focusing on the rapid and continuously changing landscape of ALM and … continue reading

Testing in a modern, mobile and agile world

Test early and test often is a mantra every tester these days is familiar with, but with the advent of mobile and methodologies such as DevOps and agile, testing can get lost. “Organizations are expected to put code out faster, and there are pressures to do that, said Kyle Cochran, vice president of product management … continue reading

Are traditional quality assurance testing methods becoming outdated?

The director of Borland’s testing portfolio outlines trends that are changing the way quality assurance testing is executed … continue reading

Industry Watch: Cleaning house

Where have all the companies we used to cover gone? … continue reading

Requirements management: Changing paradigms

Applications for cloud, mobile and social media have much in common but also differ … continue reading Protection Status