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Google takes on C++ technical debt with new successor language: Carbon

New promising programming languages are popping up constantly. Some do rather successfully – take Rust and Go as popular success stories. And yet, despite the excitement around new languages, it’s still the tried and true older languages that rank at the top of survey lists when it comes to what is most in use: Java, … continue reading

Verifone’s Developer Central enables developers to create non-payment apps

Verifone is going beyond payment solutions with Developer Central. Developer Central is the company’s development platform where developers can build and deploy non-payment apps for Verifone’s payment devices. The company showcased some of these applications at Money20/20 USA in an attempt to demonstrate how apps are helping merchants grow. The apps that were showcased included … continue reading

HP’s plan for a new operating system: More speed for less energy

Hewlett-Packard announced its plan for a new computer architecture, called Machine, back in June at its Discover user conference. But to take Machine to where the company wants it to go, it said it is going to require a new operating system. Martin Fink, CTO of HP, announced the company’s plan for a new OS … continue reading Protection Status