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Despite layoffs, software engineering and quality assurance skills remain in-demand

According to data from, over 250,000 tech employees were laid off across over 1,100 companies in the past year. Despite this, over 23,000 development vacancies still exist on company websites, according to a report from Qt Group.  The company explained that there were a lot of redundancies reported in 2023, and that many layoffs … continue reading

EdX launches new learning center with career resources

The online learning platform edX hopes to help its students navigate a rapidly changing employment landscape by launching a Career Resource Center. This new online hub will contain tips, tools, and advice from edX’s network of industry experts.  It will include career-specific skill identification, personalized course recommendations, resume-building tools, job search assistance, and access to … continue reading

Report: Many people interested in STEM career change, but not sure how to get there

While many people are interested in pursuing a career in STEM, a lot of them don’t feel super familiar with the career options in the field.  According to a study based on 14,000 interviews conducted by IBM and Morning Consult, 40% of respondents stated they don’t know where to start to make this career change.  … continue reading Protection Status