The online learning platform edX hopes to help its students navigate a rapidly changing employment landscape by launching a Career Resource Center. This new online hub will contain tips, tools, and advice from edX’s network of industry experts. 

It will include career-specific skill identification, personalized course recommendations, resume-building tools, job search assistance, and access to industry events. Career and industry experts will also write articles that will live on the hub. 

The company hopes that the Career Resource Center will expand edX’s impact and help more people find and thrive in meaningful careers. 

“In today’s swiftly changing professional world, there’s an undeniable need for comprehensive career support for learners everywhere,” said Anant Agarwal, founder of edX and chief platform officer at 2U (edX’s parent company). “Through the new edX Career Resource Center, our aim is not just to help people thrive in their present roles but also to help them build the confidence to navigate new sectors and technologies and unlock exciting professional opportunities.”

The Career Resource Center will be free for all edX learners.  It currently already has insights for coding, data, and business careers, and more industry-specific resources will be added down the line.