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New surveys provide insight into programming languages Nim and Clojure

The results of both the Nim and Clojure community surveys are in, providing some insight into how the community interacts with each language. Nim is a programming language that compiles to C, C++, and JavaScript, while Clojure is a dialect of Lisp on the Java platform.  According to the Nim survey, which garnered 908 responses, … continue reading

premium 10 books every web developer should read to increase their software IQ

When wannabe developers ask what books they should read, I usually respond “First off, just read.” A large part of the software development process is reading other people’s’ code. That said, the best thing you can do to improve as a developer is to read anything that will sharpen your speed and comprehension skills.  The … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Riemann does big things

A closer look at this Clojure-based monitoring system … continue reading Protection Status