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Game Developers Conference: Game development still lags behind enterprise

If there is one thing about making video games that best defines the state of entertainment software development, it is crunch time. If you’ve never met someone who worked in the entertainment software industry, you may be unfamiliar with the concept of crunch. At Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this week, both vendors and … continue reading

GDC hints at future of tooling, VR and more

You could be forgiven for mistaking Game Developers Conference for a virtual reality development event: This year’s conference offered more headsets and visors than any previous show. But despite the popularity of VR headsets and augmented reality applications, the real news of the show was the lowering of price barriers around the 3D engines that … continue reading

Codice offers Semantic Merge

Repository adds ability to understand merges and takes the work out of bringing together two similarly edited blocks of code … continue reading

Codice includes XMerge/XDiff 2.0 in Plastic SCM release

The tool set automates part of the code refactoring process, which Codice says can cut down on errors … continue reading Protection Status