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SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Common Voice

The team at Mozilla recently announced the release of the latest Common Voice dataset. Common Voice is an initiative put in place in order to help teach machines how real people speak, and this newest dataset achieved a major milestone: more than 20,000 hours of open-source speech data that anyone, anywhere can use.  With this, … continue reading

Mozilla: Common Voice is now the largest publicly available transcribed voice dataset

Following through on its goal of producing the world’s most diverse voice dataset, Mozilla believes it has now released what is now the largest transcribed voice dataset available publicly. The Common Voice project was started by the company as a way to make voice recognition available to everyone. “Most of the data used by large … continue reading

SD Times news digest: The Linux Foundation reacts to Microsoft’s GitHub acquisition, Mozilla’s Common Voice project, and Breakthrough Technologies’ Loco platform

The Linux Foundation has released its statement on Microsoft’s acquisition of GitHub. It stated that the move is probably a good thing for the open-source community as Microsoft has the means to make GitHub better. It also thinks it is a good sign that they brought in Nat Friedman, who has been well-respected in the … continue reading Protection Status